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Flash : 3D desktop in your pocket!

3D desktop in your pocket!

Mandriva Flash is a pre-installed Mandriva Linux distribution on a 4GB USB key. Plug in the key, take your Linux system everywhere with you, save and exchange your data in up to 3GB of free space!
It is not only practical, easy and pleasant to use but also high-performing and innovative. Mandriva Flash will surprise you whether you are already a Linux user or not.

With Mandriva Flash, you can now prove to the world that size does matter!

Mandriva Flash 4 GB

Flash is the latest innovative product from the Mandriva labs:

Discover Linux in a Flash

  • Test-drive a real Linux desktop, save your documents and settings on the key – no need to install anything on your hard drive.

Impress your friends with your mobile 3D desktop

  • Enjoy the latest 3D desktop technology while on the move, and show your friends what their machine can really do with Linux.

Stay connected wherever your are

  • Wherever you are, and whatever the type of available link, Mandriva Flash connects you with your friends, mail, music and online life.

Offer Linux to the one you love

  • Protect your loved one from viruses and malware, offer them freedom of choice and the desktop of the future in a small, high-quality USB key.

Discover Linux in a Flash

Ever wanted to try Linux for real? But never got through because you were afraid to format your disk?
Mandriva Flash is the key!

Just plug Mandriva Flash in your PC and discover a complete personal Linux desktop in a few seconds.

No need to install anything on your disk, no fear of a messing with your other operating system, no need to format or repartition anything, no heavy manuals or complex documentation : just plug the key and boot into the world of Linux.

Mandriva Flash is a complete and real Linux desktop: you can save your documents and preferences on the key, use all your favourite Internet, multimedia and office applications. You can even install new software and download updates, just like a normal Linux installation. Order Mandriva Flash now and discover Linux during the holiday season.

Impress your friends with your mobile 3D desktop

Mandriva is not only fast and small: with it you can transform a PC in an impressive 3D desktop with lots of animations and effects.

Impress your friends and reveal the true possibilities of their system by plugging in your Mandriva Flash desktop. With its advanced hardware detection and fine tuning of all the latest 3D technologies, Mandriva Flash will choose the best options for you.
See the 3D rotating cube to change your workspaces, add a wobbly effect when you move your windows, or enjoy smooth transitions when a new window appears on your screen.

Stay connected wherever your are

Thanks to a huge hardware database and a smooth network configuration tool called drakconnect, you can use almost any means of communication (GPRS, LAN, wifi, DSL, 3G) to stay in touch with your friends.

Offer Linux to the one you love

Mandriva Flash is the perfect Christmas gift for all your non-Linux friends and family or your significant other!

It is also a great present for your favourite geek who has been eating and sleeping Linux for so long. With Mandriva Flash, he can go and explore the outside world again without fear of missing his preciousss! With his personal key in the pocket, nothing will stop him, conquering Windows desktops and booting Linux on them in the flash of an eye!

Mandriva Flash is a compact and robust high-quality USB key. It loads your Linux faster with a High-Speed USB 2.0 interface. And with a 5-year warranty from a renowned manufacturer, you can count on it to protect your personal data.

Offer Mandriva Flash, offer Linux, offer freedom!