Mandriva announces today the launch of Mandriva Israel

Mandriva Israel will be the sole partner for Mandriva SA in Israel.

The associated entity, Merkado Linux Ltd., has been operating in Israel for over 20 years. Services include R&D in Software applications, Linux consulting and telephony and VoIP. As Mandriva Israel, Merkado Linux serves the corporate, consumer, and educational markets.

For consumers, Mandriva Israel distributes and customizes the following Linux distributions: Mandriva One, the light, easy to use, safe and free; Mandriva Free, the pure GPL free Linux distribution; Mandriva Powerpack, the complete and customizable distribution and Mandriva Flash, the mobile desktop USB key. Free products are available for download from the Mandriva Israel site. Commercial products are available through Mandriva Israel's electronic store, in retail stores and through regional partners.

“As one of the leaders in free and open source software, Mandriva has long recognized that partnerships are vital to the evolution of the global organization. With our Israel partner we want to provide more efficient services to our Linux customers in Israel. Working with Mandriva Israel will make our technologies available more broadly, increase options for users, lower barriers, and expand participation worldwide,” explains Gaurav Parakh,Vice President, OEM Business Unit.

On the corporate side, Mandriva Israel helps large and medium size organizations to migrate to Linux, thanks to the Mandriva Corporate Desktop 2008 and Corporate Server 4 products, and helps them administer a large number of machines thanks to the Mandriva system administration tool, Pulse 2.0. Mandriva Linux technology, products and services are provided, including: consulting, customization, localization, training, certification, and support (telephone & on-site).

For the educational sector, Mandriva Israel is the lead point for Mandriva's distribution of the Intel Classmate PC in Israel. In addition, through various speaking engagements on university campuses, the company is educating the next generation of users about Open-Source and Linux. Online training & certification will also soon be available through the Mandriva Israel e-learning portal, scheduled to launch next year.

To help achieve its goals, Mandriva Israel works with existing regional partners, and is constantly looking to expand its local network of Israeli partners to help reach the consumer in every part of the region.

You may find more information about Mandriva Israel, products including the Classmate PC, and partnership opportunities on their website:

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