Mandriva relaunches its OS Refugees operation targetting linked sales

Following the success of previous years, Mandriva, Europe's leading editor of Linux, has relaunched its programme fighting linked sales: OS Refugees.

The recent European anti-trust ruling confirming the European Commission's condemnation of Microsoft for abusing its position has been strengthened by the European free market think-tank Globalisation Institute's report "Unbundling Microsoft Windows".

The freedom for users to choose an alternative operating system has been reinforced. Simplicity of installation and use are the spearheads of the free software community and form the basics of Mandriva whose principal fundamentals embrace simplicity, innovation and openness.

Mandriva, signatories of the « Non aux racketiciels » "Say No to software racket" movement, wishes to join the fight on linked sales spearheaded by the AFUL's Détaxe/Racketiciel working group supported by APRIL, by relaunching its OS Refugees operation from 3rd March 2008 until April, the 8th , 2008.

"OS Refugees" is adressed to all those who have acquired a commercial licence for another operating system but wish to take advantage of the openness and simplicity of Mandriva Linux. Mandriva pledges to reimburse up to 35% of the price of any purchase of products in this range to users submitting proof of their possession of another OS licence. Products included in this offer are Mandriva Powerpack 2008, Mandriva Flash 2008 and the Mandriva Linux subscription.

Mandriva solutions are built on open standards and offer a high level of interoperability. Users are able to benefit from an easy integration into an existing heterogenous environment.

Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2008 integrates a unique range of packaging and commercial services offering a complete Linux solution. The Powerpack best-seller is the commercial version of Mandriva Linux and the logical extension for users of the community version. Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2008 also features all required server and middleware components for developers and for small enterprise usage, like SQL databases or Web frameworks.

Mandriva Flash 2008 4GB operates as a genuine work station that the user can take wherever he wishes. It incorporates a new functionality - ezBoot - which reboots under Linux without going through BIOS settings, and the double utilization of Windows and Linux system.
Plug in a USB key, start up your computer and in just a handful of seconds the Mandriva Linux 2008 operating system is ready for work, listening to music or surfing the Net. Mandriva Flash 2008 is an entirely operational system which fits into a pocket.

As always, Mandriva concentrates on making Linux easy to use for everyone. Its installer and graphic configuration tools, the choice of stable and high-performance software combine to make Mandriva an innovative and easy-to-use system.

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