Corporate Desktop : The Corporate Open Source Desktop


The Corporate Open Source Desktop

Costs incurred when deploying and updating workstations are increasingly high. Maintaining a satisfactory security level is increasingly difficult. The Mandriva Corporate Desktop is an operating system for workstations and laptops. Its simplicity of use leads to a quick understanding of its functioning. In coordination with Pulse2 and Mandriva Directory Server as additional tools, the Mandriva Corporate Desktop leads to a decrease of the recurrent costs while improving the security level. Simplicity and the ease of use means more time for your staff to stay focused on high value tasks that increase profits. Many organizations find a technical challenge in considering a migration to Microsoft Windows Vista and that a migration to Linux may provide less of a technical challenge and fewer format incompatibilities.

A full integration into a company's environment

Protect your investments with the Corporate Desktop. For the first time, Mandriva proposes a comprehensive desktop solution compatible with business directories, such as LDAP, Windows Active Directory, Kerberos, NIS and other directories.

Corporate Desktop is the solution easily integrated into a already existing Windows or Linux infrastructure, and includes complete integration to Windows file servers and printers and terminal emulators

Mandriva Linux Corporate Desktop FAQ

I'm planning to move from Microsoft Windows to Mandriva Linux Corporate Desktop. What tools can I use?
Mandriva Pulse 2 supports both Windows and Linux platforms. You can use Pulse 2 to quickly roll-out desktops, create an inventory of hardware and software and update your workstations.
Connect your desktops to the Mandriva Directory Server and you will get a functional work environment within minutes!

Can I roll-out Mandriva Linux Corporate Desktop in my existing Microsoft Windows environment?
Mandriva Linux Corporate Desktop was designed so as to be adaptive in heterogeneous environments. Feel free to create, view or edit Microsoft Office documents and to authenticate users to an Active Directory system as well. Mandriva Linux Corporate Desktop enables you to perform changes on your workstations without duplicating your infrastructure investments.

My IT system users have never used Linux before. Can they understand Mandriva Linux?
Mandriva Linux Corporate Desktop is the most easy-to-use Linux professional system. Thanks to its genuinely intuitive interface, users learn how to use it very quickly, therefore greatly reducing the training needs.
Moreover, devices and Wi-Fi networks are automatically recognized and immediately usable.

I still need to be convinced. Who are Mandriva Linux users?
To date more than 6 million users chose Mandriva Linux as their operating system. Join them!