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Our Mandriva Linux Community e-mail Newsletter is sent to its current 190,000 subscribers (12/2002) once a week or once every two weeks, some additional special news flashes are published for important announcements in between two newsletters.

The newsletter's topics are dedicated to keeping the community up-to-date with the latest Mandriva-related news and information, such as product/company news, development and security updates, upcoming events, and many more.

Take this opportunity to reach a large community of Linux-interested business and private people who have actively subscribed to our newsletter.

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Issue #48 Thursday, 27 June 2002

This newsletter is sponsored by [Company Name]

This Week's Summary: Mandriva Wins Contract with French Gov't; Mandriva in the News; Financial Corner; Important Updates for Apache and OpenSSH; Business Case of the Week; Website News; Headlines from MandrivaForum.

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