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Advertising on our websites

Site description:
Our web sites offer a wide choice of Linux and Mandriva related information and news, as well as access to our support and service offers.

*   Our sites:

Mandriva's home page for all types of users offers news and information, with links to news sites, product information, support, e-learning, development, download, our clubs and many more. Site traffic: Mandriva had a total of 6,295,246 pages viewed in March 2002, with a daily average of 203,072.
The site contains detailed information on Mandriva products, consulting, support and training offers, as well as information about our development activities and the company.
Site traffic: had a total of 813,532 pages viewed in March 2002, with a daily average of 26,243.

Mandriva Store is the place for online-orders for Mandriva and related third-party products. Until now, we have received orders from customers in 125 different countries worldwide!

Mandriva's innovative and scalable e-support marketplace/exchange that allows users to submit Linux and Open Source-related questions to registered experts.
Mandriva Campus offers Linux courseware for e-learning/training. is an open forum to allow users to share their experience with Mandriva Linux products in "real-world" scenarios. Here, people can read about the many creative ways that Linux is being used in the enterprise to deliver powerful and flexible solutions.
Mandriva's community communication hub with a huge range of topics.
Site traffic: had a total of 1,062,634 pages viewed in March 2002, with a daily average of 34,278.
MandrivaUser offers a large collection of tutorials, How-tos, resources lists and other information and troubleshooting help. It also includes sections for download and discussion.
MandrivaSecure is a web resource for Mandriva Linux users that provides meaningful information about security in the Mandriva Linux distribution.

Awards for our web site:
The Mandriva Linux web site was selected as one of the Top 100 Linux web sites in the June 2000 issue of Linux Magazine. It also is Editor's choice in the Open Directory Project.

*   Advertising specifications and rates

Options for banner/logo advertisement:

1.Banners will be placed at the top position of the sites, logos at the side bars.
2.You can have your banner rotating on the entire site or you can specify a sub-domain where you want your banner to be shown (subject to availability).


  • We accept standard banners, 468*60 pixels, in .gif format with a maximum size of 16 KB
  • Animation is accepted.
  • Logos should fit within the width of our side bars. Regarding quality and size, we demand 72 dpi minimum for the resolution and 300 pixels minimum for the width.
  • No animation accepted.
  • Rate card:

    General Rotation $50
    Specific Content - CPM $60
    Logo $30

    Min. no. impressions 50000

    100,000 3%
    150,000 5%
    250,000 10%
    500,000 15%
    1,000,000 20%

    *   Online branding

    Our "Online branding" advertising offers are ideal for the launch or presentation of your product, service, company or brand. It is your opportunity to do detailed and intensive advertising that is well visible on our web site.

    Options for Online branding:

    Our marketing and web specialists will help you choose the ideal mix of online advertising to do intensive and effective advertising according to your needs.

    Please contact to discuss your customized options with us.

Direct Access
Consulting, support, training... Mandriva's Business offer is designed to fulfill the needs of the most challenging enterprise.