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Advertising on Mandriva's Online Media

Mandriva Linux - the innovative and easy-to-use Linux distribution that is supported in more than 40 languages - welcomes advertisements for Linux-related products and services on its web sites and in its e-mail newsletters and updates.


Highly target your advertising by reaching private and business people who are specifically interested in Linux.

  • Companies looking for high quality business solutions at an affordable price
  • Businesses looking for support, service and training offers
  • Industrials who want to integrate Linux into their product offer
  • Our strategic business partners (Independent Software vendors, Value added resellers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Training partners)
  • Linux users looking for Linux and Mandriva-related information and support
  • Universities and research centers
  • Computer developers
  • Investors
  • Users

Linux is the only UNIX operating system whose market share increases every year. Mandriva has currently an impressive community of 3.6 million users (

*   Your online advertising options with Mandriva Linux

-> On our web site

Put your banner/logo on our site.
Do intensive and effective online branding tailored to your needs.

-> In our email newsletter

Sponsor our e-mail newsletter or get a featured article or link.

-> In our update emails

Advertise in our customized MandrivaOnline update emails.


Direct Access
The Personalized Solutions and Maintenance Program allows organizations to reduce the costs related to evaluating, acquiring, implementing, and maintaining eBusiness software. More ....