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Mandriva Linux General Features - Hardware

Supported hardware for Mandriva Linux

A complete list of supported hardware is available at mandriva.com/hardware

Processor: an x586-class or above processor is required. This includes Intel Pentium I/II/III/IV/Celeron, AMD K6/II/III, AMD Duron, AMD Athlon/XP/MP. Hyper-Threading is supported. SMP multi-processor machines are supported. (*)

  • Memory: at least 64 MB is required (32 MB for text-install); 128 MB or more is recommended.

  • Hard disks: IDE, SCSI and S-ATA hard disks are supported.

  • Hard disk size: At least 500MB is required, 1GB is recommended. Large capacity drives are supported (up to 250GB).

  • SCSI controllers: most SCSI controllers are supported (Adaptec, Tekram, LSI Logic, Advansys...).

  • RAID controllers: most RAID controllers are supported, excepted for IDE and Serial-ATA. 3Ware IDE and Serial-ATA RAID controllers are supported though.

  • USB and USB 2.0: most USB devices are supported.

  • CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives and burners: Most IDE, SCSI, PCMCIA, IEEE 1394/FireWire models are supported (this includes DVD+RW and DVD-RW).

  • Graphic cards: Most ISA, PCI and AGP cards are supported, including VESA, NVidia®, ATI(TM), 3DFX, SIS, S3, Matrox, Intel i865G, i85x, i81x i845G, Trident. 3D acceleration is available for Matrox G200/G400/G500, Voodoo III/V/Banshee, Intel i8XX, ATI Rage 128/Pro & Radeon, Nvidia (GeForce and Nforce). i9xx chipset are supported in VESA mode.

  • Network adapters: All cards based on Intel, Realtek, 3COM, NVIDIA®, Broadcom and Marvell chipsets. USB adapters are supported. Most PCMCIA, PCI and USB wireless network cards are supported. Most modems, RNIS, DSL and wireless devices are supported. Most "WinModems" are not supported.

  • Printers: Most printers are supported. Most "WinPrinters" are not supported.

  • Sound Cards: All Sound Blaster-compatible soundcards, Sound Blaster/Ensoniq (Audigy, Live), X Wave, Crystal, Intel®, AMD, NVIDIA® force, VIA, CMI C-Media, ESS Maestro, Yamaha YMF744, Terratec, AC'97.

  • Laptops: Most laptops are supported. Centrino drivers are provided in commercial products.

  • Misc.: Numerous TV cards, all Wacom graphics tablets, many scanners, most web cams, digital cameras and FireWire devices are supported.

(*)A version of Mandriva Linux for x86-64 (Athlon64, Opteron and EM64T) is released separately.