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Mandriva delivers a true IT alternative with a complete range of products and services dedicated to businesses. For all of your IT projects, Mandriva consultants are at your service to analyze your requirements and offer a customized solution based on our years of extensive experience in the following areas:

Securing your environment

Mandriva has many options to help you create a comprehensive security policy.

Migrating to Linux

Mandriva provides the Linux expertise required to ensure the success of any migration project.

Customizing the Mandriva Linux distribution

Mandriva's engineers can create your own customized Linux distribution, designed specifically to fit your exact requirements.

Deploying Open Source solutions

Our consultants have first-hand experience with the possibilities offered by Open Source solutions.

ERP - Compiere

Mandriva and its partners provides a comprehensive range of services enabling you to focus on improving your core business processes and leveraging the power of open source ERP. Compiere, an open source ERP, provides enterprise quality and stability, at an affordable price.


Our services are available at either fixed-prices or cost-type contracts. We also offer support and training expertise for all types of projects.

By choosing Mandriva Consulting, you also benefit from our vast network of partners .

Discover the companies who have already chosen Mandriva Linux for professional use at our Customers Case center.

To contact Mandriva Consulting, please use this form.