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Mandriva Linux General Features - Desktop

On the desktop: "Mandrivagalaxy" II look & feel and MagicDev

Mandriva Linux offers a refined desktop look & feel with the Mandrivagalaxy II theme to provide ergonomic consistency between all applications in KDE and GNOME. Easy to read anti-aliased fonts are used in most applications. With its focus on usability, Mandriva Linux has all the potential to deliver Linux to the widest audience of computer users.

  • The Mandrivagalaxy II theme provides visual consistency between KDE and GNOME applications. This theme was written from scratch to be fast and light in memory.

  • KDE and GNOME are the default graphical desktop environments. Mandriva Linux also features WindowMaker, IceWM and others as options.

  • High-quality printing is a snap with the Common Unix Printing System.

  • All Mandriva Linux users will be pleased to discover a new menu organization which offers consistancy across the various graphical desktop environments.

  • The "Mandrivafirsttime" wizard allows new users to easily configure a graphical desktop environment and email client, as well as subscribe to Mandriva Club.

  • Unique features make unique products: The Mandriva Linux desktops are dynamic. This means, for instance, that when a new software package is installed or removed, the corresponding icon appears or disappears instantaneously in the application menu. This same "dynamic" feature also applies to hardware devices: Plug in a USB scanner or WebCam and a corresponding icon appears automatically on the desktop.

  • Another advanced feature in Mandriva Linux is "magicdev" which lets users access removable media (CD-ROM, floppy, Zip, etc.) instantaneously and transparently without having to use the traditional "mount/umount" commands. Magicdev can also launch an appropriate application when a CD or DVD is inserted in the drive.



Mandrivagalaxy II offers a professional and consistent look&feel
between applications.

Plug in a USB device and an icon appears...