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Mandriva Linux General Features - System maintenance

Simplified System Maintenance

All operating systems require a certain level of maintenance to remain secure and up-to-date. Mandriva Linux provides many tools and utilities to facilitate the most common system administration tasks.

  • Our set of URPMI tools (urpmi, urpme) combined with the Software Manager and MandrivaUpdate utilities provided everything needed to easily install and uninstall software packages either with a few typed commands or with a few clicks of the mouse. The Software Management System resolves software dependencies automatically and performs system security updates through the Internet. Both the Software Manager and MandrivaUpdate have been designed to provide the easiest software management system ever.

  • A DrakConnect tool is available to manage all Internet connections.

  • "Mandrivaonline", an advisory and updating service, can now be monitored and managed through a dynamic icon on the desktop panel.

  • Mandriva Linux Official professional packs also feature several new management tools, including DrakPark (software management over a corporate network), DrakUPS (UPS management), DrakVPN (VPN management), and DrakFax (FAX server).

Locating and installing new applications is easy with RPMDrake.

Registered Club Members can install a large number of commercial applications over the network.

UserDrake manages users on the system and offers expiration options for logins and passwords.