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Mandriva Linux General Features - Servers

Servers, Internet and Intranet services

Mandriva Linux is widely known as a reliable, secure & easy-to-configure system that is becoming the system of choice for Internet and Intranet servers. Mandriva Linux includes everything needed to easily install and deploy professional network services such as the Apache 2/AdvancedExtranetServer which includes modular extensions such as PHP, MySQL, Perl, ODBC, plus many more.

  • Enterprise Linux kernel provides native support for Hi-Memory (up to 4GB) and SMP (Symmetric Multi Processing) with 16 processors or more.

  • A special Mandriva Linux feature, DrakGW, allows users to easily configure Internet Sharing so that several machines can utilize a single connection to the Internet.

  • Apache 2/AdvancedExtranetServer provides "out of the box" support for dozens of modular extensions including mod_perl, mod_ssl and many others. As a unique Mandriva Linux feature, Apache2 comes with a special upgrade/downgrade mechanism to allow smooth transition from Apache 1.3.x.

  • The PHP scripting language contains built-in support for LDAP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Unix-ODBC.

  • Samba is the famous SMB file and print server for Windows systems. Samba now supports Active Directory (LDAP / Kerberos), Unicode character sets, and improved access to Windows® 2000/XP/2003 systems.

  • MySQL and PostgreSQL treat you to the best Free-Software databases.

  • SpamAssassin is an efficient SPAM-filtering service.

  • Also available, and easily configured with the Mandriva Linux Control Center, are the world-renowned servers ProFTP, Postfix email server (Sendmail also available), OpenSSH server, DHCP server, BIND DNS server, NFS server.

Apache 2/AdvancedExtranetServer is the default web-server.

Servers can be easily configured in the Mandriva Linux Control Center (through MandrivaWizards).

Do you need a Windows file server? Launch the Samba wizard...