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Mandriva At The Desktop Linux Summit

Mandriva greeted every booth visitor with a copy of Mandriva One, Mandriva's latest live CD, that may also be installed onto a computer's hard drive. Information and a download of Mandriva One can be found at https://mandriva.com/community/mandrivaone.

One of the most popular topics for visitors to the Mandriva booth was the Xen virtual server technology on Mandriva. At the Desktop Linux Summit, Mandriva discussed how and why to use Xen virtualization, and walked users through installing and configuring a Xen host and multiple Xen guest operating systems. Xen virtual server software allows users to run simultaneously multiple guest operating systems on one host operating system. Xen virtualization software is prepackaged with Mandriva 2006 PowerPack, thereby easing the installation and configuration of virtual operating systems with Mandriva. Virtual operating systems allow Mandriva users to configure multiple operating systems on a single computer PC for the purpose of testing new applications, validating updates for applications in production, or testing operating systems with your hardware. For more information on Xen, please visit the Xensource web site at http://www.xensource.com/.

Oracle 10g Express on Mandriva was another popular topic for visitors at the Desktop Linux Summit. Oracle 10g Express is Oracle's free database with a web browser interface. Mandriva continues its reputation as an easy to install distribution by offering Mandriva's classic easy to follow instructions for installing Oracle 10g Express in less than 10 minutes. At the Desktop Linux Summit, Mandriva discussed both how to install and configure Oracle 10g Express, walked users through the installation and then demonstrated access to Oracle's administration and database query tools with the Firefox web browser. Oracle 10g Express allows Mandriva users to take advantage of two industry leaders, Oracle and Mandriva, for deploying applications on Oracle's introductory, enterprise quality database. Some advantages of using Oracle 10g Express on Mandriva include Oracle's support for Java-based stored procedures, Oracle's mature and well-respected stored procedure language, PL/SQL and Mandriva's “msec,” allowing users to configure an appropriate security level for their project.

Mandriva was delighted to meet with both loyal long-time users as well as those experiencing Mandriva for the first time on their desktop to hear their delight about the ease and stability of using Mandriva. The Desktop Linux Summit proved an excellent showcase of Mandriva technology, including Mandriva One, Xen and Oracle 10g Express.