Worldwide Install Party Mandriva - Indonesia



  1. Arie K ( Is very user friendly, more reliable, good look color, what a wonderful linux)

  2. Romy S (Mandriva 2006 is very user friendly, i think i'm gonna use it)

  3. Duswanto (the event is good for introducing linux should more often & more specific)

  4. Ismail ( Mandriva 2006 user friendly, easy to use, stability, alot of feature)

  5. Bambang (Salute to mandriva linux install party)

  6. Muhammad S (Is more user friendly anf more good system, graphics and package and i will use it)

  7. Aditri (Thanks for free mandriva linux install party, ican get hot news mandriva 2006 products)

  8. Nabil (Good Aplication, & want know more)

  9. Budi U (The event must be more than 1 day because not every one know the event)

  10. Arief R (Good event, nice promotion)

  11. mahmudin ( i can upgrade my knowledge, go forward, be the best)

  12. Firman N ( Interesting distro cause convergence of mandriva, connectiva & lycoris, very user friendly, more event please)

  13. Nur J (thanks for the event this is a good software)

  14. Benny ( Good event & more please)

  15. Ardi (Interresting event to introduce mandriva 2006)

  16. Supriyono (it's really user friendly & easy to use)

  17. Misbahul M (i think is great party and i'm proud to LPK NF & mandriva, this is amazing way to learn linux and knock down windows)

  18. Ali S (It's great move from mandriva, bravo mandriva)

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