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August 13rd - 2004

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Shareholder meeting for a transfer to a regulated market

A general shareholder meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2004.

At the meeting, the following points will be put up to vote:

- To authorize the board to transfer the company to a regulated market and to delegate authority, as necessary, both to effect the transfer and to realize operations on this market.

- To direct the board to proceed with a privately placed increase in reserved capital prior to the above transfer, for a maximum of 1 million shares at a price between 6 and 6.5 euros per share before December 31, 2004. The purpose of this capital increase is to improve the balance sheet of the company to the level required by a regulated market. To simplify the process, the sale of shares will be limited to large existing shareholders.

- To direct the board to finalize the acquisition of Edge IT.

The increase in capital and transfer to a regulated market will give Mandriva the means to continue its growth strategy both internally and through mergers and/or acquisitions. Being listed on a regulated market is conducive for mergers and/or acquisitions by the exchange of shares.