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New Mandriva MNF2 offers enterprise-class all-in-one security and infrastructure solution

Tuesday July 19 2005

Mandriva, formerly Mandrakesoft, today announced the second versions of its comprehensive infrastructure and security system Multi Network Firewall

June, 21st 2005 - Mandriva, formerly Mandrakesoft, today announced the second versions of its comprehensive infrastructure and security system Multi Network Firewall. MNF2 provides advanced firewalling, IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilites in a single product made easy to use by a simple web interface. New features include new types of VPN such as PPTP and OpenVPN, network interface bonding and bridging, traffic shaping, network mapping and peer-to-peer filtering. MNF2 ships with one year online security update service and support options. Price: US$550 / 500 euro.

Core features

Dedicated to the business world, the Multi Network Firewall 2 combines a number of features and services which make it an ideal package for easily setting up and maintaining a proper, efficient and secure local network. This new version benefits from Mandriva's expertise in offering the advanced functionality required by business customers, and relies on the latest technologies offered by Linux.
MNF2 core features include:

  • A firewall, to protect the network from unauthorized access

  • An IDS (Intrusion Detection System), to alert system administrators when suspicious network activity is detected.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities, to enable secure private tunnels over public networks.

  • A proxy server, to intercept all web traffic entering the network.

  • A DHCP server, which enables automatic IP addressing for new machines connected to the local network.

  • Caching DNS, to provide a local DNS service for computers connected to the local network.

New features

Far more than a simple update from the previous version, MNF2 offers several new features which cover many needs of today's corporate users.
New features include:

  • In addition to IPSec VPN capabilities (Compatible with Cisco(tm) Routers), the MNF2 provides two other types of VPN:

    • PPTP: a desktop under Windows® can automatically connect to the VPN without needing to install any specific software

    • OpenVPN: a lighter open source VPN compatible with Linux, MacOS and Windows ®

  • Channel Bonding: combines several network interfaces into a single connection to increase bandwidth capabilities.

  • Bridging: this new function enables the administrator to build bridges between network interfaces.

  • Traffic shaping: the network traffic flow can be regulated simply by using a dedicated wizard.

  • Network mapping: makes it possible to connect networks which use the same private network addresses.

  • Peer-to-Peer Filtering: MNF2 automatically blocks network traffic from "Fast Track" peer-to-peer clients.

In addition, MNF2 provides:

  • Better software support: Linux kernel 2.6 provides up-to-date compatibility with recent software

  • Better and extended hardware support with improved support for multiple network cards (up to 10),

  • Mandriva Online Pro: one year of instant security updates is offered through the Mandriva Online Pro service

  • Support options: see the chart below.

Easy network management and administration

The friendly web management interface offered by MNF2 enables system administrators to configure complex firewall and network options with just a few clicks of the mouse to result in dramatic time and productivity gains. Even the most experienced administrators will appreciate the ability to achieve, in a matter of minutes, previously complicated tasks such as customizing the graphical display of information for network and system activities. With the MNF2, a basic firewall configuration can be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks.

A cost effective solution for small and large corporations

"MNF2 updates Mandriva's range of business products with an all-in-one and cost-effective solution dedicated to the network infrastructure and security in corporations. New features as well as the high-level service offer which comes bundled with the product will certainly make MNF2 a serious competitor to existing products in the same field," declared François Bancilhon, CEO of Mandriva.


Price and availability

The MNF2 is available for purchase from Mandriva Store at: http://www.mandrivastore.com
MNF can also be purchased through Mandriva's volume purchase option at: https://mandriva.com/psmp
The recommended price is $550 USD / 500 € without taxes.


MNF2 Support


Web-based support




30 days


2 business days



*The scope of support for the MNF2 is detailed at https://mandriva.com/support


More information

Full features and recommended hardware are detailed on:


About Mandriva

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