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Two new books empower United States users to go further with Mandrakelinux

Tuesday March 22 2005

Moreno Valley, Ca; Tuesday, March 22nd - Mandrakesoft today announced the release of two new books for beginners and more advanced users of the Mandrakelinux operating system: 'Discovery 10.1 - Your First Linux Desktop' and 'PowerPack 10.1 - The Full Power of Linux Desktop'. These highly informative guides are both bundled with a copy of Mandrakelinux, and include support services. Thanks to an exclusive distribution agreement with O'Reilly, the leading wholesaler of technical books, customers can get the guides at a great number of retail outlets nationwide. Major retailers include Borders, Barnes & Nobles and Frys. Both titles are also available for purchase online at Amazon.com.

Available for retail order since late February, the two books have received strong interest, with half of the initial print run already on the retail shelves.