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XWiki Concerto

XWiki Concerto is a research project bringing together XPertNet, INRIA, ENST, Mandriva and EISTI. XWiki Concerto is sponsored by the French National Research Agency (ANR) in the frame of the Software Technologies National Network (RNTL)

The project started in January 2007 and runs until December 2008. XWiki Concerto aims at evolving the open-source XWiki engine toward a P2P architecture supporting mobility, offline work and replication of content across a large number of peers. This research work will allow XWiki (i) to support mobile workers in their daily collaborative activities, using an efficient and secure solution supporting replication and synchronization of the content (ii) to run on a fault tolerant P2P architecture allowing to scale to millions of users.

With the ever faster development of telecommunications infrastructure and with the advent of the web2.0, the ubiquitous and mobile web still needs innovative solutions to become real. XWiki Concerto is gearing toward this mutation of an ubiquitous collaborative web, both on the technological side in providing innovative solutions for data replication, mobile secure work, and on the usage side in involving 3 target communities into the use of the solution: the technonoly will be experimented indeed by the following communities during the project: