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System Requirements
Mandriva Linux is compatible with a huge range of hardware, helping to ensure your experience will be a good one.

CPU: Any Intel or AMD processor - dual-core supported
RAM: 256 MB minimum, 512 MB recommended
DVD drive required
Video Card: NVIDIA, ATI, Intel® i8xx and i9xx, SIS, Matrox, VIA. 3D desktop features requires NVIDIA GeForce or later, ATI Radeon 7000 or later, or Intel i810 to i965.
Sound Card: Any Sound Blaster-compatible card and AC97 – please note that Creative Labs X-Fi cards are not currently supported.
Minimum hard disk space: 3GB for a smooth installation- 4GB if you plan to use KDE 4.
Serial ATA: Most controllers supported in non-RAID mode and some in RAID mode.
For more information: Please check the Mandriva Hardware Database.