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Volume Purchase Option

The Volume Purchase Program is an easy-to-use, cost effective program designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all size. It allows you to purchase Mandriva solutions at volume prices. It reduces the costs associated with evaluating, acquiring, implementing, and maintaining software, and provides simple access through an Internet based graphic interface.

It is a highly personalized and customized program that provides you with competitive edge over your competitors. It is a perfect example of a modern web based solution. The program is designed to provide One-Shop complete open source solutions (Products/Support/Updates/Services) to customers.

Maximum savings, minimum hassle, it's easy to get started. The user friendly web design architecture of it allows you to purchase your desired solution for provisioning, managing, migrating and updating your systems, giving you complete flexibility while minimising cost. It pricing lowers software procurement budgets as compared to retail purchase options.

Under its offer, only one physical media box will be delivered per order. Quantity of E-service codes (support, maintenance, update & club membership) will be supplied according to the slab purchased.

It is designed for organizations of all sizes, Businesses of all sizes, Academic institutions, Government agencies, Bulk buyers, SMEs, Non-profit organizations, VARs, Resellers etc.

SAVING IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3 WITH Volume Purchase Program

Volume Purchase Program order Process:

  1. Register at mandriva.com/partners/registration , it's free

  2. Personalize the cart according to your needs

  3. Receive the order at your door step

Partner contact

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