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Mandriva Advisories

Updates for both security and non-functional packages are essential for a smooth-running system. Mandriva recommends that all users upgrade to the packages issued by any advisory to prevent problems with your system and unauthorized intrusion or denial of service attacks.

A graphical update utility called MandrivaUpdate is installed on your Mandriva Linux desktop. All you have to do is launch MandrivaUpdate to update your system through the GUI utility. The program lets you choose your FTP server within a list of server mirror. Then it fetches each update you have to make and lets you choose those you really need. In Mandrakelinux 8.x+, MandrakeUpdate has been replaced by the Software Manager.

Security update advisories are sent to the security mailing lists.

All security announcements and updated RPMs are signed with the GPG key of the Mandriva Security Team which is available for download.

If you are having difficulty installing Mandriva Linux 2007.1, please check our Mandriva Linux 2007.1 Errata page.

Legend/Filters: Security Update Bugfix Update General Update

Date Advisory Synopsis
2007-10-04 MDKSA-2007:193 Updated openssl packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-10-01 MDKSA-2007:192 Updated mplayer packages fix vulnerability
2007-10-01 MDKSA-2007:191 Updated libsndfile packages fix vulnerability
2007-09-27 MDKSA-2007:190 Updated kdebase packages fix KDM vulnerability
2007-09-27 MDKSA-2007:189 Updated t1lib packages fix vulnerability
2007-09-25 MDKSA-2007:188 Updated postgresql packages prevent access abuse using dblink
2007-09-21 MDKSA-2007:187 Updated PHP packages fix numerous vulnerabilities
2007-09-17 MDKSA-2007:186 Updated openoffice.org packages fix TIFF parser vulnerability
2007-09-17 MDKSA-2007:185 Updated avahi packages fix vulnerability
2007-09-13 MDKSA-2007:183 Updated qt3/qt4 packages fix vulnerability
2007-09-12 MDKSA-2007:181 Updated librpcsecgss packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-09-12 MDKSA-2007:180 Updated id3lib packages fix vulnerability
2007-09-11 MDKSA-2007:179 Updated fetchmail packages fix DoS vulnerability
2007-09-11 MDKSA-2007:178 Updated x11-server packages fix vulnerability
2007-09-10 MDKA-2007:090 Updated bind packages fix numerous bugs
2007-09-07 MDKSA-2007:174-1 Updated krb5 packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-09-06 MDKSA-2007:177 Updated MySQL packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-09-06 MDKSA-2007:176 Updated kdebase and kdelibs packages fix location bar spoofing issues
2007-09-06 MDKSA-2007:175 Updated eggdrop package fix remote buffer overflow
2007-09-06 MDKSA-2007:174 Updated krb5 packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-09-06 MDKA-2007:089 Updated proftpd packages fix bugs
2007-09-04 MDKSA-2007:173 Updated tar packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-08-31 MDKSA-2007:172 Updated clamav packages vulnerabilities
2007-08-28 MDKSA-2007:171 Updated kernel packages fix multiple vulnerabilities and bugs
2007-08-23 MDKSA-2007:170 Updated gimp packages fix input data validation issues in several plugins
2007-08-23 MDKA-2007:088-1 Updated hal-info packages fix haldaemon start issue
2007-08-21 MDKSA-2007:169 Updated gdm packages fix DoS vulnerability
2007-08-21 MDKSA-2007:168 Updated vim packages fix vulnerability
2007-08-21 MDKA-2007:088 Updated hal and hal-info packages fix bug with SCSI peripherals
2007-08-20 MDKSA-2007:167-1 Updated libvorbis packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-08-18 MDKA-2007:087 Updated gwenview package fixes renaming of images
2007-08-16 MDKA-2007:086 Updated mozilla-firefox packages fix GNOME theme
2007-08-15 MDKSA-2007:165 Updated cups packages fix vulnerability
2007-08-14 MDKSA-2007:164 Updated tetex packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-08-14 MDKSA-2007:163 Updated koffice packages fix vulnerability
2007-08-14 MDKSA-2007:162 Updated kdegraphics packages fix vulnerability
2007-08-13 MDKSA-2007:161 Updated poppler packages fix vulnerability
2007-08-13 MDKSA-2007:160 Updated pdftohtml packages fix vulnerability
2007-08-13 MDKSA-2007:158 Updated xpdf packages fix vulnerability
2007-08-13 MDKA-2007:085 Updated timezone packages provide updated DST information
2007-08-13 MDKA-2007:084 Updated update-alternatives packages fix various bugs
2007-08-10 MDKSA-2007:157 Updated kdelibs packages fix cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
2007-08-10 MDKSA-2007:156 Updated imlib2 packages fix several issues
2007-08-09 MDKSA-2007:155 Updated tcpdump packages fix remote denial of service
2007-08-09 MDKSA-2007:154 Updated xine-ui packages fix denial of service and arbitrary code execution
2007-08-03 MDKSA-2007:153 Updated gd packages fix several vulnerabilities
2007-08-01 MDKSA-2007:152 Updated Firefox packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-08-01 MDKSA-2007:151 Updated qt3 packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-07-25 MDKSA-2007:150 Updated clamav packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-07-25 MDKSA-2007:149 Updated BIND9 packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-07-25 MDKSA-2007:148 Updated tcpdump packages fix BGP dissector vulnerability
2007-07-20 MDKSA-2007:147 Updated ImageMagick packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-07-12 MDKSA-2007:146 Updated perl-Net-DNS packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-07-10 MDKSA-2007:145 Updated wireshark packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-07-10 MDKSA-2007:144 Updated OpenOffice.org packages fix RTF import vulnerability
2007-07-10 MDKSA-2007:143 Updated mplayer packages fix buffer overflow remote vulnerabilities
2007-07-04 MDKSA-2007:140 Updated apache packages fix multiple security issues
2007-07-04 MDKSA-2007:139 Updated MySQL packages fix multiple security issues
2007-07-04 MDKA-2007:078 Updated rpmdrake packages fix wrong warning when installing from DVD
2007-07-04 MDKA-2007:077 Updated console-tools packages fix problems caused by hang
2007-07-03 MDKSA-2007:138 Updated kdebase packages fix Flash Player interaction vulnerability
2007-07-03 MDKA-2007:076 Updated rdesktop packages fix crash when used on a 16 bits display
2007-07-02 MDKA-2007:075 Updated openal packages fix -devel package pkgconfig bug
2007-06-28 MDKA-2007:073 Updated gtk+2.0 packages fix "resizing infinitely" bug
2007-06-28 MDKA-2007:072 Updated nss packages include CaCert root cert
2007-06-27 MDKA-2007:071 Updated libusb packages fix packaging bug
2007-06-27 MDKA-2007:070 Updated hal-info packages fix bug with Elonex M5A laptop
2007-06-26 MDKSA-2007:137 Updated krb5 packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-06-26 MDKSA-2007:136 Updated evolution packages fix vulnerability
2007-06-25 MDKA-2007:068 Updated e2fsprogs packages fix memory leak
2007-06-25 MDKA-2007:067 Updated rsh packages fix incorrect PAM configuration
2007-06-25 MDKA-2007:065 Updated mgetty packages fix faxspool helper
2007-06-23 MDKSA-2007:135 Updated webmin packages fix XSS vulnerability
2007-06-21 MDKSA-2007:134 Updated xfsdump packages fix unsafe temporary directory creation issue
2007-06-21 MDKSA-2007:133 Updated emacs packages fix DoS vulnerability
2007-06-21 MDKSA-2007:132 Updated madwifi-source, wpa_supplicant packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-06-21 MDKA-2007:064 Updated k3b packages fix sox location
2007-06-20 MDKSA-2007:131 Updated Thunderbird packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-06-20 MDKSA-2007:130 Updated proftpd packages fix authentication bypass vulnerability
2007-06-20 MDKA-2007:063 Updated mdkonline packages authentication logging bug
2007-06-20 MDKA-2007:062 Updated rpmdrake packages fix various bugs
2007-06-19 MDKSA-2007:129 Updated jasper packages fix vulnerability
2007-06-19 MDKSA-2007:128 Updated libexif packages fix integer overflow flaw
2007-06-19 MDKSA-2007:127 Updated apache packages fix mod_mem_cache issue
2007-06-16 MDKSA-2007:126-1 Updated Firefox packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-06-15 MDKSA-2007:126 Updated Firefox packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-06-14 MDKSA-2007:125 Updated spamassassin packages fix possible DoS condition
2007-06-14 MDKA-2007:061 Updated evolution packages fix trash support
2007-06-14 MDKA-2007:060 Updated gnome-vfs2 packages fix trash support
2007-06-14 MDKA-2007:059 Updated ia_ora-gnome packages fix rendering issue
2007-06-14 MDKA-2007:058 Updated digikam packages provide documentation
2007-06-14 MDKA-2007:057 Updated xinitrc packages correct xdm scripts
2007-06-14 MDKA-2007:056 Updated pidentd packages resolve inability to install
2007-06-14 MDKA-2007:055 Updated gnome-games packages fix saving scores
2007-06-14 MDKA-2007:054 Updated dkms packages provide support for newer kernels
2007-06-13 MDKSA-2007:124 Updated tetex packages fix vulnerability
2007-06-13 MDKSA-2007:123 Updated libwmf packages fix vulnerability
2007-06-13 MDKSA-2007:122 Updated gd packages fix vulnerability
2007-06-13 MDKSA-2007:121 Updated freetype2 packages fix integer overflow vulnerability
2007-06-08 MDKSA-2007:118 Updated libexif packages fix crash and possible arbitrary code execution issue
2007-06-05 MDKSA-2007:117 Updated lha packages fix unsafe temporary files creation issue
2007-06-05 MDKSA-2007:116 Updated libpng packages fix vulnerability
2007-06-05 MDKSA-2007:114 Updated file packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-06-04 MDKSA-2007:115 Updated clamav packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-06-04 MDKSA-2007:113 Updated mutt packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-06-04 MDKSA-2007:112 Updated mplayer packages fix buffer overflow vulnerability
2007-06-04 MDKSA-2007:111 Updated util-linux packages address login access policies bypassing issue
2007-06-04 MDKSA-2007:110 Updated php-pear packages fix directory traversal vulnerability
2007-06-04 MDKA-2007:053 Updated totem and xine-lib packages fix plugin problems
2007-05-24 MDKA-2007:051 Updated gnome-media packages fix bug
2007-05-24 MDKA-2007:050 Updated shared-mime-infopackages correct ISO file association
2007-05-24 MDKA-2007:048-1 Updated x11-server packages fix crash bug
2007-05-23 MDKSA-2007:109 Updated tetex packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-05-23 MDKSA-2007:104-1 Updated samba packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-05-23 MDKA-2007:048 Updated x11-server packages fix crash bug
2007-05-23 MDKA-2007:046 Updated arts packages provide esd output support
2007-05-22 MDKSA-2007:108 Updated gimp packages fix stack overflow in sunras plugin
2007-05-22 MDKA-2007:045 Updated mozilla-thunderbird packages are available
2007-05-22 MDKA-2007:044 Updated rfbdrake packages fix crash bug
2007-05-22 MDKA-2007:043 Updated drakstats package fix crash bugs
2007-05-22 MDKA-2007:042 Updated desktop-common-data packages fix bugs
2007-05-19 MDKSA-2007:107 Updated evolution packages fix APOP weakness
2007-05-18 MDKA-2007:041 Updated console-tools packages fix limitation with setkeycodes
2007-05-17 MDKSA-2007:105 Updated fetchmail packages fix potential APOP vulnerabilities
2007-05-16 MDKA-2007:040 Updated gnome-utils packages fix crash problem
2007-05-14 MDKSA-2007:104 Updated samba packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-05-14 MDKA-2007:039 Updated gnome-panel packages fix rare crash bug
2007-05-10 MDKSA-2007:102 Updated php packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-05-10 MDKA-2007:038 Updated mandriva-theme packages provide consistent graphic images
2007-05-10 MDKA-2007:037 Updated initscripts packages fix bootsplash translations
2007-05-10 MDKA-2007:036 Updated kernel packages fix USB-related regression
2007-05-09 MDKSA-2007:101 Updated bind packages fix vulnerability
2007-05-09 MDKSA-2007:100 Updated bind packages fix vulnerability
2007-05-09 MDKA-2007:034 Updated ktorrent packages correct download corruption bug
2007-05-09 MDKA-2007:033 Updated xmlrpc-epi packages update expat XML parser
2007-05-09 MDKA-2007:032 Updated xinitrc packages correct color profile for X applications
2007-05-08 MDKSA-2007:099 Updated python packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-05-08 MDKSA-2007:098 Updated clamav packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-05-02 MDKSA-2007:097 Updated xscreensaver packages fix vulnerability
2007-05-02 MDKA-2007:031 Updated initscripts packages correct network initialization problem
2007-05-01 MDKSA-2007:095 Updated ktorrent packages fix vulnerability
2007-04-30 MDKA-2007:029-1 Updated squidGuard packages correct packaging problem
2007-04-25 MDKSA-2007:094 Updated postgresql packages fix vulnerability
2007-04-24 MDKA-2007:028 Updated openssl packages correct issue with 3des cipher
2007-04-21 MDKA-2007:026 Updated krb5 packages fix lib location error
2007-04-18 MDKSA-2007:091 Updated sqlite packages fix vulnerability
2007-04-18 MDKSA-2007:090 Updated php packages fix multiple vulnerabilities
2007-04-16 MDKSA-2007:085 Updated freeradius packages fix DoS vulnerability
2007-04-16 MDKSA-2007:084 Updated ipsec-tools packages fix DoS vulnerability
2007-04-11 MDKSA-2007:083 Updated apache-mod_perl packages fix DoS vulnerability
2007-04-11 MDKSA-2007:082 Updated madwifi-source, wpa_supplicant packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-04-11 MDKSA-2007:079-1 Updated xorg-x11/XFree86 packages fix integer overflow vulnerabilities
2007-04-10 MDKSA-2007:081-1 Updated freetype2 packages fix vulnerability
2007-04-10 MDKSA-2007:080-1 Updated tightvnc packages fix integer overflow vulnerabilities
2007-04-10 MDKSA-2007:077-1 Updated krb5 packages fix vulnerabilities
2007-04-10 MDKSA-2007:075-1 Updated qt4 packages to address utf8 decoder bug