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Mandriva Advisories

Package name openal
Date July 2nd, 2007
Advisory ID MDKA-2007:075
Affected versions 2007.1
Synopsis Updated openal packages fix -devel package pkgconfig bug

Problem Description

The openal devel package used invalid requirements in its pkgconfig
file, making some basic pkgconfig commands fail (such as pkg-config
--exists openal). This update package fixes the issue.

Updated Packages

Mandriva Linux 2007.1

 bafb00914386fa06bbaff27ca9ad931d  2007.1/i586/libopenal0-0.0.8-2.1mdv2007.1.i586.rpm
 9452c0cf4028d027f97f7a55620a3309  2007.1/i586/libopenal0-devel-0.0.8-2.1mdv2007.1.i586.rpm 
 3a3683b0c773b1f259db81091f95901d  2007.1/SRPMS/openal-0.0.8-2.1mdv2007.1.src.rpm

Mandriva Linux 2007.1/X86_64

 3d7e214d444e4fce1fff47ac21272fd3  2007.1/x86_64/lib64openal0-0.0.8-2.1mdv2007.1.x86_64.rpm
 cda474106cffeb4aa78278a51042bab8  2007.1/x86_64/lib64openal0-devel-0.0.8-2.1mdv2007.1.x86_64.rpm 
 3a3683b0c773b1f259db81091f95901d  2007.1/SRPMS/openal-0.0.8-2.1mdv2007.1.src.rpm


To upgrade automatically, use MandrivaUpdate.


Please verify the update prior to upgrading to ensure the integrity of the downloaded package. You can do this with the command :

                rpm --checksig package.rpm

You can get the GPG public key of the Mandriva Security Team to verify the GPG signature of each RPM.

If you use MandrivaUpdate, the verification of md5 checksum and GPG signature is performed automatically for you.