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Mandriva Advisories

Package name printer-drivers
Date November 6th, 2002
Advisory ID MDKA-2002:015-1
Affected versions 9.0
Synopsis Updated printer-drivers packages fix various printing issues

Problem Description

New printing-related packages are available that offer many printing
enhancements over those drivers provided with Mandrake Linux 9.0. Some
improvements include a new driver for Lexmark Z11, a number of updated
ghostscript drivers, a new version of HPIJS, a newer GIMP-Print which
provides much better quality for most Epson Stylus printers, and many
new printer drivers as well.

This new package also changes "-dSAFER" to "-dPARANOIDSAFER" in the
Ghostscript command lines in all Foomatic files, which prevents
postscript code from being able to read arbitrary files.


The previous updates built ghostscript without the "cups" driver.
That has been corrected in these new packages.

Updated Packages

Mandrakelinux 9.0

 f9cb3ceacbc7613d694c94e179b3f55a  9.0/RPMS/cups-drivers-1.1-79.2mdk.i586.rpm
4d1c7f317dde5fc8fb0cb29658d72639  9.0/RPMS/foomatic-2.0.2-20021030.1.2mdk.i586.rpm
fb715dff47a52901a8b5b25462eb11be  9.0/RPMS/ghostscript-7.05-28.2mdk.i586.rpm
b146fe2afab2497a2c3520ad453d969d  9.0/RPMS/ghostscript-module-X-7.05-28.2mdk.i586.rpm
dfd5bdd56278c207065d0ddfe9f9226d  9.0/RPMS/gimpprint-4.2.3-3.2mdk.i586.rpm
186703252ccbc3d805d5f9b9f0b12aae  9.0/RPMS/libgimpprint1-4.2.3-3.2mdk.i586.rpm
35b688a1452d2168eb0aa380254ba734  9.0/RPMS/libgimpprint1-devel-4.2.3-3.2mdk.i586.rpm
b035972f8475fae23063613bf1c0126f  9.0/RPMS/libijs0-0.34-19.2mdk.i586.rpm
3dac3239b308270b5580b1cd8ae3a472  9.0/RPMS/libijs0-devel-0.34-19.2mdk.i586.rpm
4741f7d3c6fe64c468c87e992cf3e231  9.0/RPMS/omni-0.7.1-6.2mdk.i586.rpm
6c221eb46d40ce58bf04f4f1a3d89f61  9.0/RPMS/printer-filters-1.0-79.2mdk.i586.rpm
e751e98b180e82948dc8b3851add4991  9.0/RPMS/printer-testpages-1.0-79.2mdk.i586.rpm
1cb2b5dbcbd60985b1b027ffad2d48f3  9.0/RPMS/printer-utils-1.0-79.2mdk.i586.rpm
396291d467d916d932650717541e2100  9.0/SRPMS/printer-drivers-1.0-79.2mdk.src.rpm


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Please verify the update prior to upgrading to ensure the integrity of the downloaded package. You can do this with the command :

                rpm --checksig package.rpm

You can get the GPG public key of the Mandriva Security Team to verify the GPG signature of each RPM.

If you use MandrivaUpdate, the verification of md5 checksum and GPG signature is performed automatically for you.