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Mandriva Advisories

Package name mailman
Date September 18th, 2006
Advisory ID MDKSA-2006:165
Affected versions CS3.0, 2006.0
Synopsis Updated mailman packages fix multiple vulnerabilities

Problem Description

A flaw was discovered in how Mailman handles MIME multipart messages
where an attacker could send a carefully-crafted MIME multipart
message to a Mailman-run mailing list causing that mailing list to
stop working (CVE-2006-2941).

As well, a number of XSS (cross-site scripting) issues were discovered
that could be exploited to perform XSS attacks against the Mailman
administrator (CVE-2006-3636).

Finally, a CRLF injection vulnerability allows remote attackers to
spoof messages in the error log (CVE-2006-4624).

Updated packages have been patched to address these issues.

Updated Packages

Corporate Server 3.0

 2f43ed2ac1274394b252a1dca99cf825  corporate/3.0/RPMS/mailman-2.1.4-2.8.C30mdk.i586.rpm
 c7f43a47a27a1a1a074af957b9262c43  corporate/3.0/SRPMS/mailman-2.1.4-2.8.C30mdk.src.rpm

Corporate Server 3.0/X86_64

 36c2945ad0699607b445f8df2df551d5  x86_64/corporate/3.0/RPMS/mailman-2.1.4-2.8.C30mdk.x86_64.rpm
 c7f43a47a27a1a1a074af957b9262c43  x86_64/corporate/3.0/SRPMS/mailman-2.1.4-2.8.C30mdk.src.rpm

Mandriva Linux 2006

 9979002d16562b3e62ceb6cfd21b45c6  2006.0/RPMS/mailman-2.1.6-6.4.20060mdk.i586.rpm
 9b26c36c23c2a417df0d7772d97071ff  2006.0/SRPMS/mailman-2.1.6-6.4.20060mdk.src.rpm

Mandriva Linux 2006/X86_64

 2ea71bec743e2fd8ff33724f99a3e5e8  x86_64/2006.0/RPMS/mailman-2.1.6-6.4.20060mdk.x86_64.rpm
 9b26c36c23c2a417df0d7772d97071ff  x86_64/2006.0/SRPMS/mailman-2.1.6-6.4.20060mdk.src.rpm




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Please verify the update prior to upgrading to ensure the integrity of the downloaded package. You can do this with the command :

                rpm --checksig package.rpm

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If you use MandrivaUpdate, the verification of md5 checksum and GPG signature is performed automatically for you.