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Mandriva Advisories

Package name kernel22
Date March 27th, 2003
Advisory ID MDKSA-2003:039
Affected versions 7.2, 8.1, 8.2
Synopsis Updated kernel22 packages fix multiple vulnerabilities

Problem Description

A number of vulnerabilities have been found in the Linux 2.2
kernel that have been addressed with the latest 2.2.25 release.

A bug in the kernel module loader code could allow a local user to
gain root privileges. This is done by a local user using ptrace and
attaching to a modprobe process that is spawned if the user triggers
the loading of a kernel module.

A temporary workaround can be used to defend against this flaw. It is
possible to temporarily disable the kmod kernel module loading
subsystem in the kernel after all of the required kernel modules have
been loaded. Be sure that you do not need to load additional kernel
modules after implementing this workaround. To use it, as root execute:

echo /no/such/file >/proc/sys/kernel/modprobe

To automate this, you may wish to add it as the last line of the
/etc/rc.d/rc.local file. You can revert this change by replacing the
content "/sbin/modprobe" in the /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe file. The
root user can still manually load kernel modules with this workaround
in place.

As well, multiple ethernet device drivers do not pad frames with null
bytes, which could allow remote attackers to obtain information from
previous packets or kernel memory by using malformed packets.

Finally, the 2.2 kernel allows local users to cause a crash of the host
system by using the mmap() function with a PROT_READ parameter to
access non-readable memory pages through the /proc/pid/mem interface.

All users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest kernel version

For instructions on how to upgrade your kernel in Mandrake Linux,
please refer to:


Updated Packages

Mandrakelinux 7.2

 bdb1e2835881bf1d22637629478400c1  7.2/RPMS/alsa-2.2.25_0.5.11-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
6ed6ccbdc7fde53b95a9ae7bbb238485  7.2/RPMS/alsa-source-2.2.25_0.5.11-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
3ad19bb95ff47789ca5a8b2c16ac5a29  7.2/RPMS/kernel-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
e7a8903aafe28412a52d034a29a44a94  7.2/RPMS/kernel-doc-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
fb611f37591a939e27863d43051de72e  7.2/RPMS/kernel-headers-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
7bdd5c57b27752fe04b402be6d099622  7.2/RPMS/kernel-pcmcia-cs-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
d1d8793f10fb72a4c051076e8980b80a  7.2/RPMS/kernel-secure-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
96030d790e275f633a53a08b0fe5fbf2  7.2/RPMS/kernel-smp-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
97448e85af33e74426ee527e3ad8eba1  7.2/RPMS/kernel-source-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
63049cd8a930bec0f1c340f801819cfb  7.2/RPMS/kernel-utils-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
453c0a9ffaa157f0f0bc1d4d29e95cd5  7.2/RPMS/reiserfs-utils-2.2.25_3.5.29-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
6307ab8e58716866c8289f5ab109758f  7.2/SRPMS/kernel-2.2.25-1.1mdk.src.rpm

Mandrakelinux 8.1

 38bf220ae12b3e92a370ed6130b16763  8.1/RPMS/kernel22-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
3bf3557a66c27083c44ae2fdd6f3540e  8.1/RPMS/kernel22-smp-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
8a1d62727171bf6fa61f141683750d35  8.1/RPMS/kernel22-source-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
2ec4d3ac5cc53ed67295d97ec4bde4a7  8.1/SRPMS/kernel22-2.2.25-1.1mdk.src.rpm

Mandrakelinux 8.2

 59c784593c39afd3ad513887d7da30e4  8.2/RPMS/kernel22-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
de18fcc6874678992426053f3797893a  8.2/RPMS/kernel22-smp-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
588724e44106875bab25611b1e69a350  8.2/RPMS/kernel22-source-2.2.25-1.1mdk.i586.rpm
2ec4d3ac5cc53ed67295d97ec4bde4a7  8.2/SRPMS/kernel22-2.2.25-1.1mdk.src.rpm

Mandrakelinux 8.2/PPC

 1ae4276c52de38f6d47e1f091a7540d0  ppc/8.2/RPMS/kernel22-2.2.25-1.1mdk.ppc.rpm
fe2b6d839185afae247292bd74cc324c  ppc/8.2/RPMS/kernel22-smp-2.2.25-1.1mdk.ppc.rpm
051cd86960670e68e6f785f4dabf9017  ppc/8.2/RPMS/kernel22-source-2.2.25-1.1mdk.ppc.rpm
2ec4d3ac5cc53ed67295d97ec4bde4a7  ppc/8.2/SRPMS/kernel22-2.2.25-1.1mdk.src.rpm




To upgrade automatically, use MandrivaUpdate.


Please verify the update prior to upgrading to ensure the integrity of the downloaded package. You can do this with the command :

                rpm --checksig package.rpm

You can get the GPG public key of the Mandriva Security Team to verify the GPG signature of each RPM.

If you use MandrivaUpdate, the verification of md5 checksum and GPG signature is performed automatically for you.