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Mandriva Advisories

Updates for both security and non-functional packages are essential for a smooth-running system. Mandriva recommends that all users upgrade to the packages issued by any advisory to prevent problems with your system and unauthorized intrusion or denial of service attacks.

A graphical update utility called MandrivaUpdate is installed on your Mandriva Linux desktop. All you have to do is launch MandrivaUpdate to update your system through the GUI utility. The program lets you choose your FTP server within a list of server mirror. Then it fetches each update you have to make and lets you choose those you really need. In Mandrakelinux 8.x+, MandrakeUpdate has been replaced by the Software Manager.

Security update advisories are sent to the security mailing lists.

All security announcements and updated RPMs are signed with the GPG key of the Mandriva Security Team which is available for download.

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Date Advisory Synopsis
2004-03-22 MDKA-2004:013 Updated drakxtools package addresses problems with drakbackup.
2004-01-14 MDKA-2004:003 Updated krozat package fix memory leak
2004-01-13 MDKA-2004:002 Updated kdebase-servicemenu package fixes problem with zipping files
2003-12-10 MDKA-2003:037 Updated gaim packages restore MSN support
2003-10-08 MDKA-2003:018 Updated gnome-applets packages fix the Stock Ticker applet
2003-06-27 MDKA-2003:017 Updated xfsprogs packages are available
2003-06-23 MDKA-2003:016 Updated reiserfsprogs packages fix bugs and provide enhancements
2003-06-23 MDKA-2003:015 Updated initscripts packages fix boot loader detection
2003-06-12 MDKA-2003:014 Updated qt3 packages fix crash
2003-05-23 MDKA-2003:013 Updated sb packages provide missing file
2003-05-23 MDKA-2003:012 Updated mozilla packages fix various bugs
2003-05-20 MDKA-2003:011 Updated gnome-pilot packages fix Tungsten support
2003-05-13 MDKA-2003:010 Updated drakxtools packages fix bugs in drakbackup
2003-05-01 MDKA-2003:009 Updated openldap packages fix multiple bugs
2003-05-01 MDKA-2003:008 Updated drakxtools packages fix more bugs
2003-05-01 MDKA-2003:007 Updated devfsd packages fix multiple bugs
2003-04-30 MDKA-2003:006 Updated kdebase-servicemenu packages fix inability to convert PS files
2003-04-24 MDKA-2003:005 Updated ldetect packages fix system freeze
2003-04-24 MDKA-2003:004-1 Updated packages fix various bugs in Mandrake Linux 9.1
2003-04-10 MDKA-2003:004 Updated packages fix various bugs in Mandrake Linux 9.1