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Mandriva Maintenance Programs for organizations

Mandriva Linux ships with thousands of applications, so you get more than just an operating system.
Still, as an organization, you need more than just software. Our Maintenance programs bring you cost effective value-added offerings to get the most of Mandrivalinux at optimum speed.

PSMP is designed for organizations of all sizes, Businesses of all sizes, Academic institutions, Government agencies, Bulk buyers, SMEs, Non-profit organizations, VARs, Resellers etc. PSMP is a highly personalized and customized program that provides you with competitive edge. More...
  Corporate Club
The Corporate Club is designed to serve corporate organizations who use Linux for solving critical technology issues and fulfilling corporate goals. This is an exclusive offering for companies who need enterprise level support for cutting edge business applications. More...
The Mandriva Linux Academia program is a simple and functional solution for Universities and Research Organizations. It is a cost effective method for site-wide deployment of Mandriva Linux. More...

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