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Mandriva Linux Academia Program

 1. What is Mandriva Linux Academia program ?
 2. What is the Mandriva Linux Academia Add-On Pack ?
 3. How do I sign up ?


*   1. What is Mandriva Linux Academia program ?

The Mandriva Linux Academia program is a simple and functional solution for Universities and Research Organizations*. It is a cost effective method for site-wide deployment of Mandriva Linux. A one year umbrella program, Academia is scalable and covers all new versions of Mandriva Linux PowerPack that would be released in that particular time period.

What are the features of Mandriva Linux Academia program ?

Features of the Mandriva Linux Academia Program include :

  • Local mirror with direct access to Mandriva servers for synchronization and updates
  • Unlimited Site licensing of Mandriva Linux Academia , a specialized version of Mandriva Linux with optimized RPMs for educational purposes as well as trial versions of commercial applications for the education market.
  • Direct access to a Mandriva download mirror with programs and updates that can be stored locally for use within your organization. All updates will be available from a reliable source within your own local network.
  • Complete access to the ISO CD/DVD via a secure synchronization mechanism and a license to replicate them within your organization.
  • Automatic synchronization and updates for all the RPMs.
  • 30 % flat Discounts on Mandriva products as well as discounts on third party products and services

What are my benefits ?

  • Automatic updates of our operating system direct off our servers without you having to manually synchronize them
  • Single price for unlimited number of installations
  • Quick updates from your local mirror, so you end up saving time in updating all your systems in one go
  • Compact distribution files in CD and DVD ISOs
  • All latest RPMs for download

What is the cost of the program ?

The cost of the Mandriva Linux Academia program is EUR 2499 for a period of one year.

*   2. What is the Mandriva Linux Academia Add-On Pack ?

Apart from the Academia program, we also have an Add-On pack for Linux training and education. The Add-On pack includes :

  • Unlimited site license for Mandriva Training course-ware approved by Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and courses for each level of LPI test certification. Each course consists of electronic training material complete with instructor kits and student manuals. Courses range from Introduction to Linux, System Administration, Networking, Advanced Network Administration up to Real-time Programming and Peripheral Devices Programming. The entire content is more than 4000 pages and is updated every six months
  • Full access to Mandriva's E-learning platform which provides comprehensive course modules on Linux and Open Source software
  • Bundled limited professional support incidents
  • Access to Knowledge Base (Wiki) and Discussion Forums as well as online documentation
  • Access to a large repository of commercial software that has been optimized and tested for Mandriva Linux. These RPMs include proprietary drivers, freeware, demo versions, and applications that are intended for private or educational use. (Some applications require the purchase of a license)

What are the benefits of the Add-On Pack ?
  • New and up to date syllabus for generic Linux training, all approved by LPI
  • Easy access to online training material
  • Access to professional technical support for all your support queries
  • Interaction with the community in discussion forums as well as complete access to Wiki Knowledge Based
  • Download access to new education related commercial software

What is the cost of the Add-On Pack ?
The cost of the Add-On Pack is EUR 3499 for a period of one year. The Add-On pack cannot be sold separately from the Mandriva Linux Academia Program.

*   3. How do I sign up ?

To sign up for the Mandriva Linux Academia program and the Add-On Pack, contact us at

*Offers and prices are subject to change without prior notice. Eligible organizations include universities and government research institutes only

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