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Learn more about the Mandriva's management team.


Jacques Lemarois - Photo   Jacques Le Marois, Chairman, Co-founder

A graduate of two prestigious French schools, the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Collège des Ingénieurs, Jacques Le Marois is a pioneer of new technologies in France. After being involved in the beginnings of the Internet in France, he focused on the Linux market, helping increase its penetration among corporate customers. On October 10, 1998, he organized a nationwide Linux Party, a huge event involving 35 cities and several thousand visitors. Jacques Le Marois is used to handling large-scale projects. When he was 26, he was involved in the launch of a new entity of the Danone Group.
Then, in 1997, he reorganized and implemented a reporting system on the occupation of Andersen Consulting's virtual offices in Paris and Amsterdam. He is one of Mandriva's three co-founders.

François Bancilhon - Photo   François Bancilhon, Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Mandriva, François Bancilhon gained extensive experience in successfully managing software companies as well as developing businesses in the information technology sector. He is a founder and was CEO of O2 Technology -- an object-oriented database company that he successfully merged with Unidata in 1997.
In 1999, he founded and ran as CEO Arioso, an ASP company that provides Human Resource and benefit management services to small and medium-sized businesses in the US. More recently, he was Chief Technology Officer of SomaLogic, a Biotech company based in Boulder, Colorado. He is also a founder and Chairman of the Board of Xyleme -- an XML tools company based in Saint-Cloud, France.
François's career began in the academic world, both in Europe and in the US, in the field of relational and object-oriented databases.
Graduate of the "Ecole des Mines de Paris", François holds, among other academic works, a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Frédéric Lepied - Photo   Frédéric Lepied, Chief Technical Officer

Frédéric is an engineering school graduate (ESIEE). He started to work at Mandriva as a senior developer then he became manager of the core team and now, he is the head of the engineering team. Previously he was project manager at STERIA on air traffic control experimentation projects for the CENA. Author of a book about cvs.

Thierry Bossut - Photo   Thierry Bossut, Administration & Finance

ESC Reims graduate and certified public accountant, he joined the Mandriva team in March 2000. He was supervisor at the Ernst & Young auditing cabinet, and lately held the post of Administrative and Financial Director at IDP, a New Market listed company at the Paris Stock Exchange working in the field of digital television.

Gaël DUVAL - Photo   Gaël Duval, VP Communication, Co-founder, Creator of Mandriva Linux

A graduate of the University of Caen, where he studied networks and documentary applications, Gaël Duval is one of France's Linux pioneers. In addition to his technical skills, Gaël Duval also has excellent communication skills, allowing him to create a network of developers and users throughout the world. These two facets of his personality helped provide the impetus to create Mandriva Linux in 1998 (at age 25).

Paul Guillet   Paul Guillet, Sales

Paul Guillet is Director of Sales at Mandriva. Paul has been involved in Linux business since 1995, was the director of "Les Logiciels du Soleil/KHEOPS" one of the biggest Linux resellers in France, until he co-founded and became CEO of IDEALX SAS in 1999. Paul joined Mandrivasoft on early 2003.

Régis Wira   Régis Wira, Quality Assurance and Technical Support

An ESEAT Rennes (Military School) graduate, Régis joined the Mandriva team in July 2000, as Senior Project Manager. He set up the Laboratory of Tests and Certifications. After one year as Deputy manager of the R&D department he now heads the Quality Assurance and Technical Support department. Previously he worked for the French Army as IT Manager and was in charge of Technical Support and technological watch for 10 years.

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