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About us:Products and innovations

About us
Linux phenomenon
Products & innovations

Mandriva provides its customers with innovative and global offerings associating exclusive Open Source programs and adapted services, and makes them fully benefit from the power, the performance and the ease of use of the operating system Mandriva Linux.

*   Products

The General Public Market (Individuals)

  • Mandriva Linux Discovery 10.1: Your first Linux Desktop

  • The Discovery Pack lets you adopt Linux with the shortest learning curve. Discovery has been designed to provide all the essentials in a simplified package, thanks to an automated installation procedure and hand-picked selection of applications.
    Learn more.

  • Mandriva Linux PowerPack 10.1: The Ultimate Linux Desktop

  • With thousands of commercial and Open Source applications, from office to software development, the Powerpack gives you the most powerful Desktop that you could imagine. .
    Learn more.

  • Mandriva Linux 10.1 for x86-64: The highest performance

  • Mandriva Linux 10.1 for x86-64 combines the strengths of the 10.1 distribution and the latest technology from AMD and Intel® processors. 64-bit technology doubles the number and the size of processor registers, as well as the size of memory one can use. Furthermore, Mandrivalinux 10.1 for x86-64 allows a perfect compatibility with all 32-bit applications. .
    Learn more.

  • Mandriva Linux PowerPack+ 10.1: The Linux solution for Desktops and Servers

  • PowerPack+ is the ideal solution for creating and managing small to medium sized networks. This is an advanced package offering a full-featured Desktop, plus all the world-class server tools you'll need to build a powerful network or handle Internet development projects. This package is the only one to integrate a full-featured client & server groupware solution in its default installation.
    Learn more.

    The Professional Market

  • Mandriva Linux Corporate Server 2.1

  • The Corporate Server is the ideal solution for providing file, print, and communication services to a wide range of operating systems within a local network. This same package is also the perfect answer for integrating your business with the Internet. Also, due to an unprecedented 12 month development cycle, the Mandriva Linux Corporate Server 2.1 is one of the most reliable suite of server software.
    Learn more.

  • OEM product (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

  • Based on the Mandriva Linux 10.1 version, the OEM product has been designed so that the hardware manufacturers provide customers with an integrated turn-key solution consisting in Mandrivalinux pre-installation on manufacturer hardware and joint technical support. Learn more.

    Please click here to get a complete overview of the Mandriva product range.

    *   Innovations

    A High-Value Added Linux Solution

  • Cooker, a Collaborative Development Model
  • Using the Open Development model that has helped make Linux a success, Mandriva provides independent programmers and volunteer users with a pilot version of its upcoming distributions, code-named Cooker.

    Hundreds of volunteer developers have been attracted to this project and the possibility of pooling their ideas and programs to create the best Linux distribution available. This ability to organize members of the Linux community is also part of the Mandriva touch, and allows Mandriva to provide the latest versions of Linux programs.

  • A Policy of technological innovations
  • Since the very first version of Mandriva Linux commercialized in February 1999, which was based on the Red Hat distribution of Linux together with the KDE graphical user interface, Mandriva has focused on developing an original product built around many innovations. Nevertheless, Mandrivalinux remains compatible with Red Hat. The following tools have been developed through the combined efforts of the Mandriva Research and Development team and the international contributors to Mandriva Linux.

    • DrakX: this tool is designed to facilitate the installation of the Mandriva Linux distribution from a CD-Rom, over a network or from a hard disk, providing an simple, user-friendly graphical interface;
    • DiskDrake: this hard disk partitioning tool is used to easily partition hard disks with just a few mouse clicks. Partition information is then presented in a graphical interface. This function is integrated into DrakX
    • HardDrake: the goal of this ambitious project is to facilitate the operating system?s recognition of the computer?s internal peripherals as well as their configurations. This tool also provides a graphical interface to assist users;
    • RpmDrake: simplifies the installation of new programs;
    • DrakConf: manages post-configuration of peripherals
    Learn more about Mandriva Linux 10.1 features

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