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About Mandriva

About us
Linux phenomenon
Products & innovations

Mandriva (formerly known as Mandrakesoft) can be seen both as a project initiator and a skills organizer in the Open Source arena. Its ambition is to help users benefit from community's innovations by offering a powerful, stable and recognized operating system together with a full range of solutions for client computers (Windows-type graphical user interface, compatible office suite, Internet browser) and for servers (web server, e-mail server, print server, etc.).

Our products currently include more than 2300 applications. Mandriva Linux provides a distribution that is easy to install and use as well as being fast and reliable. Today, Mandriva Linux is the most international Linux distribution because its installation is supported in more than 40 languages.
The different Mandriva Linux products include the operating system, related programs on CD-ROMs, and installation tools, as well as full documentation and technical support.
To go even further, Mandriva offers to its Mandriva Linux users a global support in terms of Services in packaged form.

*   Background

In November 1998, several young Linux enthusiasts met on the Internet and created Mandriva. This start-up has since become an international reference in Open Source software and Linux with its Mandriva Linux distribution.

Mandriva's strategy is based on promoting Linux for users, from beginners to experts, from individuals to corporate users, by creating a comprehensive and customizable range of services developed around its Linux product line.

Dazzling development and success...

Several factors have contributed to the company's exceptional growth, as it has gone from 3 to more than 100 employees in 2 years: Fully respecting Linux philosophy, Mandriva provides the source code for its distribution on our Web site ( Hundreds of independent developers all around the world are constantly improving the Mandriva Linux product, code-named Cooker, and helping make it one of the most simple, complete and powerful Linux solutions available.

The company's business model based on leveraging rapid worldwide development makes Mandriva Linux the most international Linux distribution: it is available in more than 40 languages. In addition, the company has offices in both France and the United States.

Specialists in the Linux world have recognized the technological excellence of Mandriva products. Mandriva Linux was named Product of the Year and Best Linux Distribution/Server at the 1999 LinuxWorld Expo. In April 2000, it received the Platinum Award from the British magazine PC Answers and the Editor's Choice Award for client distribution from American « Linux Magazine » in September 2000.

The company has signed a strategic partnership with the American publisher Macmillan USA and held the number one spot in Linux North American sales (retail market) for Macmillan USA in July & August 2000 (PC Data source).

Mandriva has been named an innovative company by the French National Agency for the Enhancement of Research (Anvar). It is one of the first Linux publishers to receive this distinction, which attests to its Open Source software skills and knowledge.

...supported by investors...

AXA Placement Innovation, Viventures (Groupe Vivendi), Iliad Group, BBS Finance, France Innovation (ABN AMRO), Azeo Ventures (Lazard Group).

and partners

Mandriva products are distributed around the world by ABC Analog, ACI, Art Net, CHS/Métrologie, Editions Profil, ID Pro, Info Networks, Isyotech, Italsel, Kangaroot, Lehmanns, Linux Discount, Macmillan USA, MCD2, Prisma Opentech,... Support services for the Mandriva Linux distribution are handled by Mandriva and by Alcôve, EMC, Hewlett Packard, IBM Global Services, IdealX, Savoir Faire Linux, Sun; Technical alliances have been made between Mandriva and Alpha Processor Inc., Arkeia, AR Systèmes, ASL, Aurora, Hewlett Packard, Matra Datavision (subsidiary of Aérospatiale Matra), MaxSpeed, Quadratec, Solsoft, Sun Microsystems, etc.

Higher education partnerships are currently being developed, including one with the ENSTA engineering school in France, as part of a teaching project and to develop Open Source software.

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