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Mandriva News

*   MandrakeSoft to be present at upcoming Libre Software Meeting 2002-06-28

MandrakeSoft is pleased to participate in this year's third annual "Libre Software Meeting" to be held in Bordeaux, France from July 9th to July 13th, 2002.

Two key MandrakeSoft staff members will be making presentations:

* Yoann Vandoorselaere, leader of the Prelude project (, will be holding a conference entitled "Intrusion Detection through the Prelude-IDS project". Prelude is an increasingly popular Intrusion Detection tool, integrated, among other things, into MandrakeSoft's firewall products, such as the recently announced Firewall Plus.

* Camille Bégnis, Documentation Manager at MandrakeSoft, will be presenting an overview of "Borges: A powerful XML Document Management System".

The Libre Software Meeting (LSM) offers high-level conferences led by industry experts from around the globe. This year's scheduled events also include demonstrations of Free Software's usage in everyday life, in fields such as education, health, music, graphics, government and commercial enterprises. Last year's meeting was attended by more than 400 participants from over 40 various countries.

To find out more about the Libre Software Meeting, please visit
The official announcement is available here:

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