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Mandriva News

*   New Applications Database for Club members 2003-02-07

MandrakeSoft is proud to present a huge database of all the software packages that are currently available for the Mandrake Linux distribution. More than 50,000 RPM packages -- over 100GBs of software (and still growing) -- is now available for all versions of Mandrake Linux!!! These programs include word processors, accounting packages, graphics apps, games, and utilities, and lots more.

This is a "must use" tool for every Linux user who would like to add software to their Mandrake system. The new database is the only location that offers all the RPM applications that run on Mandrake Linux in one comprehensive listing. The database includes official Mandrake RPMS (current and previous Mandrake versions), Commercial Applications available for MandrakeClub members, Contributed software, and numerous RPMS from third-party sources. In addition to the download links you'll also find a brief description of each application to help make sure it's the package you really need.

Many of these package locations can be added to the Mandrake Package Sources Manager for easy installation with automatic dependency resolution. Hundreds of additional commercial applications & premium software titles are included with Club membership.

Enjoy this amazing bonanza of Free Software -- Join MandrakeClub today! Or for existing Club members, renew your Club subscription so you won't miss a single day of benefits.

Just about everything you could ever need for your Mandrake system is just one page away. Join the package party and get busy downloading!

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