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Mandriva News

*   Mandrake Linux 8.2 PPC 2 CD-set is available at 2002-04-24

Mandrake Linux PowerPC's newest version has arrived. Mandrake Linux 8.2 PPC was developped for Macintosh users wishing to take advantage of Linux's benefits. It offers the same features as the main Mandrake Linux distribution, well known in the PC World for its ease of use as well as continued innovation, plus some PPC-specific capabilities such as G3 optimization (for enhanced performance) and Mac-on-Linux, an application that lets users run Mac OS software under Linux.

8.2 PPC has support for both "Old World" -- in other words computers created before Apple G3 -- and "Neworld" machines (iMac, IBook, PowerBook, Blue and White G3s and G4s, etc.).

The 8.2 PPC 2 CD-set is available at Mandrakestore for $15 plus 10$ shipping and handling.
Further information on 8.2 PPC can be read at

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