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Mandriva News

*   MandrakeFreq #2 available 2001-06-20

Interested in keeping up to date with the Kernel, KDE, Evolution or Nautilus ? The second release of MandrakeFreq is for you!

MandrakeFreq is intended for power users who like to stay on the "cutting edge" and run the latest software on their Mandrake Linux system. The MandrakeFreq distributions are tested, but are not "officially" supported by MandrakeSoft as it may contain beta software with unresolved bugs.
This second release is based on Mandrake Linux 8.0 and features, among other things, the 2.4.5 version of the Kernel.

MandrakeFreq #2 overview:

To purchase a MandrakeFreq CD, please visit the Mandrake Store at

To download MandrakeFreq, please go through our FTP mirrors

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