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Mandriva News

*   MandrakeSoft Supports the Expansion of its Professional Service Offerings with the Introduction of North American toll-free number 2002-01-23

To meet the growing demand for high-quality Linux Professional Services, MandrakeSoft announces the availability of a new toll-free number dedicated to enterprise users seeking accurate information on the benefits of using Open Source technology.

MandrakeSoft's newly expanded range of Professional Services includes value-added consulting, support and training designed to provide a complete IT alternative to enterprises at a very attractive total cost of ownership. Benefit from MandrakeSoft's years of experience in the design, deployment and teaching of Open Source solutions and technologies by taking advantage of this special opportunity.

The North American toll-free number allows our Professional Service experts to provide business users with a single-point of access for business requests and solutions. No matter how long it takes, we can provide the solutions you need; the one-to-one contact makes it easier than ever.

In most cases, the MandrakeSoft Professional Services Team can provide enterprises with a finalized commercial offer in one business day. We look forward to hearing from you.

MandrakeSoft's North American Professional Services toll-free number is 1-877-74-LINUX (1-877-745-4689)
Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST

To learn more about MandrakeSoft's Professional Service offerings, please visit

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