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Mandriva News

*   MandrakeSoft provides a new offer of technical support for the IA-64 Architecture 2002-02-06

MandrakeSoft announces the availability of a new support offering for IA-64, the Intel-based architecture dedicated to high performance computing. Businesses running the IA-64 Architecture are provided with the chance to benefit from a strong support offer covering installation and configuration of the operating system itself and that of several key services (Apache, Postfix, Samba, FTP and SSH) for one year.

IA-64 Support Offer details:
Support is provided on a 5/7 Days basis, 9am to 5pm
Price : 4900$
Number of incidents: 10
Level of support: 1, 2 & 3
Scope: For a complete view of the scope, please visit:

The IA-64 Support Offer is available both in Europe and America. For more information, please contact:

America: or 1-877-MDK-CORP/1-877-635-2677
Europe: or +33 821 231 231

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