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Contacting Mandriva

*   Postal addresses and telephone numbers

For a list of postal addresses and telephone numbers of all our offices worldwide, please visit that page.

*   Support for Businesses and Private Customers

To obtain technical help on our products, purchase support incidents and get help from Mandriva at Mandriva
Technical support number
Eastern (North America) - 12:00 - 18:00
Pacific (North America) - 9:00 - 15:00

*   Customer Care, Business Offerings, LUGS

Use the following links to send an email to the department you wish to contact.

->  Customer Care
(Mandriva Store, Mandriva Expert, Mandriva Club, MandrivaOnline)

->  PSMP Personalized program for organisations of all sizes, academic institutions, government agencies, global partners, bulk buyers, SMEs, Non-profit organisations, VARs, Resellers etc.

->  Consulting

->  I.S.V.

->  O.E.M. and V.A.R

->  Sales (only for retail professionals: resellers, wholesalers...)

->  Support for Businesses

->  Training

->  LUGs (Linux User Groups)
*   Press relations

For all press related questions, please see our page dedicated to press members.

*   User Feedback

All contact points for sending us your suggestions, impressions, or encouragements are available here.

*   Development Works

To participate in our development works, please visit the Labs section of this website.

*   About this Website

If you wish to know more about this website, please visit this page and if you encounter any problem or typo, please contact .

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