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Exhibitions in France

07/25/2006: 17/10/2006: Eyrolles Event: A Successful Migration To Open Source Softwares

Eyrolles, the famous editor of specialized books, is organising a convention the goal of which is to facilitate your migration to open source softwares and help you make it a complete success.

This event is particularly cut for those who want low cost, but efficient, IT solutions: product managers, IT managers, CEOs...

It will be the perfect chance for them to understand the point of the migration and to discuss with several important actors on the open source scene.

This event will take place on october 17th, 2006, in Paris.

If you want more information and whish to participate:

Download the programm

Download the sign-up form

11/09/2005: AFUP organizes the PHP Forum in Paris

AFUP has hold the PHP Forum in Paris, on the 9th and 10th of November 2005. For Mandriva, one of the sponsors, this was great opportunity to meet with the PHP business community.
To learn more, visit: www.afup.org

10/15/2005: France-India

This event is a great opportunity to discover the Indian culture, in Paris.

Complete announcement available in French

To learn more, visit: www.franceindia.net