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Partnering with Mandriva

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Already familiar with or about to enter the Linux market? Our partnership programs can help you to truly capitalize on your products and services. When you become a Mandriva partner, you gain access to full support and assistance for all of your project cycle needs including: research and development, sales and marketing opportunities and professional services.

Mandriva provides you with all the technological expertise, experience and know-how of a leading editor and world-class company.

At Mandriva, we establish a very close relationship with all of our partners. With each of them, we strive to bring together all of the means and expertise required for success. Find out more...

*   OEM offer

->  OEM Partnership
This partnership program is designed to fit the needs of hardware manufacturers and integrators wishing to pre-load the Mandriva Linux operating system on their retailed computer. Mandriva provides these manufacturers with all the expertise and support required to fully satisfy their customers.
More about the OEM partnership.

->  Our OEM partners
Mandriva is committed to advertising joint offers as well as partners certified products. Learn more.

->  Hardware Certification
The MandrivaLabs certification process ensures the compatibility of your hardware with the Mandriva Linux operating system. Learn more.

*   Resellers

To provide your customers with Mandriva Linux products, please find a wholesaler in your area and contact him directly.

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  Choose a country

In case you wish to become a Mandriva Linux wholesaler or if you don't find any wholesaler in your country, please contact our sales services.

*   Independent Software Vendor offer

->  The Mandriva ISV partnership program is designed for software developers and editors looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of the Linux market. As a Mandrivasoft ISV partner you gain more product visibility as well as sales opportunities designed to boost your business. Services featured in this program range from the listing of your products in our software solutions catalog (Solutions Kit), joint technical and sales opportunities, to high level technical support.
More about ISV partnership

*   Value Added Reseller and System Integrator offer

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