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Mandriva News

*   Mandriva revamps partner program 2005-09-20

September 20th, 2005 – Committed to developing the skills and resources of its business partners, Mandriva today introduces a revamped partner program. The program provides more targeted options and will increase partner market awareness and opportunities, as well as enhancing sales and marketing support. From now on, partners can choose the level corresponding to their expectations.

Closer relationships, more profitable businesses

With the new program, Mandriva looks to enhance the privileged relationship established with partners. "The biggest truth that we have learned from our experiences during the recent years is that close strategic partnerships are vital to optimize growth and long-term success. With our new partner program we want to provide more efficient services to our partners," explains Gaurav Parakh, Partner Business manager. The program is expected to help partners increase their business, penetrate new and emerging markets, as well as better adapt offerings to their customers' needs.

One of the most important requirements for partners is to get more exposure in order to accelerate the growth of their Linux business. In this respect, partners will benefit from widened availability of joint PRs, Mandriva branded point of sale materials, and presence on Mandriva websites. Moreover, partners will get product demo versions. At some program levels, partners have access to sample training materials.

Four different levels

Under an umbrella program, Mandriva will address the specific businesses of system integrators, OEMs, resellers, ISVs, IHVs, consultants and training and support providers by organizing the Mandriva Partner Program into four levels: Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Each level offers different types of benefits to cover everything a partner could need. The new program offers a great number of features and advantages.

Partner levels:

  • Standard: The perfect start for partners who want to become more familiar with Mandriva Linux. Partners will receive a continuous flow of business and product information, expanding their own Mandriva Linux knowledge and market expertise. Partners have access to the online partner platform.

  • Silver: For partners who are already active in the Linux market and who have indicated their competence in deploying Mandriva Business Solutions, the silver program offers sales and marketing support. In addition to the Standard level advantages, Silver partners will be entitled to display the Mandriva partner logos and display their profile on the Mandriva website. They will have access to pre-sale consultancy, Mandriva support facilities and the latest Mandriva business products in combination with web-based technology workshops, sales presentations and other tools. Silver Partners are also entitled to use the Mandriva Linux Maintenance Web and Knowledge Base.

  • Gold: For those partners who are able to offer their customers extensive Linux technological expertise and professional services. Gold Partners, in addition to the Silver level advantages, will have full access to all available Mandriva sales, marketing and technology resources. More...

  • Platinum: Platinum is the highest level of the new program and is more like a strategic alliance. Mandriva offers to promote those partners, to help them develop their channels, optimize engineering, and do everything else possible to enhance their businesses.

Mandriva partner website:

About Mandriva

Mandriva, formerly known as Mandrakesoft, is the publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux operating system, one of the most full-featured and easy to use Linux systems. The company offers its enterprise, government educational customers a complete range of GNU/Linux and Open Source software and related services. Mandriva products are available in more than 140 countries through dedicated channels and also from, the company's online store. Number 1 in several countries, Mandriva has won many awards for quality and technical innovation. "Born on the Internet" in late 1998, Mandriva has offices in the United States, France and Brazil. Mandriva is traded on Paris Euronext Marchť Libre (ISIN Code: FR0004159382/MLMAN; Reuters code: MAKE.PA) and the US OTC market (stock symbol MDKFF).

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