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Mandriva News

*   Mandriva Club members meet Mandriva Linux 2006! 2005-10-07

Mandriva has granted access to Mandriva Linux 2006 to all members of the Mandriva Club and all official contributors to the distribution.
2006 is the first version after the merger of Mandriva, Conectiva and Lycoris. It is the most user-friendly, ergonomic and yet most powerful Mandriva Linux ever. Starting today Club members and offical contributors to the distribution are entitled to download various editions of the distribution, all including commercial applications and plugins such as Flash®, Java™ and the graphics drivers from NVIDIA® and ATI™.
Downloads are possible via BitTorrent or (on request) HTTP/FTP from dedicated servers. To speed up the download process via BitTorrent many Early Seeders are waiting with their torrents for your download! If you are not yet a club member, this is the perfect time to join and start downloading!

Direct Access
Mandriva stock
Euronext (MAKE.PA) :
6.24 €
(~ 8.32 USD)

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