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Mandriva Linux 'Cover CD' program: offer a popular Linux system to your readers!

Mandriva Linux CD Mandriva Linux is a recognized leader in the Linux world with a strong and recognized brand name. In only a few years, we've made Linux easy to use for the widest variety of users, for personal workstations to high-performance servers.

Mandriva Linux "Download Edition" to their readers FOR FREE.

The good news is that Newspapers, Magazines & Books can provide Mandriva Linux "Download Edition" to their readers FOR FREE.

A proven way to make readers happy is by including one of the most popular and full-featured Linux operating system available. Many magazines also report to us that providing Mandriva Linux is also an excellent opportunity to boost sales.

The Mandriva Linux "Download Edition" (1 CD, 2 CD or 3 CD) provides the core Linux operating system with an easy to use graphical installer and a complete graphical desktop environment. Mandriva Linux also includes hundreds of applications such as a complete office suite (compatible with MS-Office documents), the Mozilla web-browser, the market-leader Apache web server, plus much more. Take a look at the features of the Mandriva Linux Download Edition and you'll certainly be amazed that you can include such a product for free.

NEW! A new product - "MandrivaMove" - is now available for CoverCD projects: it provides a full-featured Linux desktop system on a single Live-CD. No need to install: MandrivaMove is a great way to make people discover Linux in a few minutes. Learn more about MandrakeMove at this page.

Mandriva Linux also supports dozens of languages and localization options. Check the supported status of your language at the following location.

Now what's the deal with Mandriva?

We don't generate any direct revenue by providing a free Download Edition for publications, but by expanding our user base we hope to generate future customers for our online store and Mandriva Linux Club.

Mandriva StoreThe Mandriva Linux Club is a popular destination for Mandrivalinux users because it provides many benefits such as discounts on products, online Mandriva Linux documentation, third-party software, articles, plus a unique feature: a repository of more than 50,000 Mandriva Linux packages. This source of applications can be easily added to the operating system so users can install additional applications with just a mouse click, including FlashPlayer, Java plugins, and more.

So if you decide to ship Mandriva Linux Download Edition to your readers, we only ask that you advertise Mandriva and the Mandriva Linux Club as much as possible!

Last but not least, we can provide you with a limited-time promotional code that you can give to your readers so they can receive 15% off of Club subscriptions.

There's no reason to hesitate -- Take advantage of this great opportunity for your readers and let them discover something new & powerful!

To provide Mandriva Linux to your readers, please complete the following form to get in touch with us. You may also ask us any questions, and we'll do our best to answer as soon as possible.

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