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Mandrakesoft announces improved ISV partnerships

Thursday May 06 2004

Altadena, CA; Paris, France - May 6th, 2004 - Mandrakesoft today announced improved partner relationships with Independent Software Vendors and the inclusion of a carefully selected collection of third-party software for the recently released Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official range of retail packs.

Mandrakelinux retail packs not only provide a best-of-breed assortment of the most up-to-date Open Source applications, but also gives customers the opportunity to evaluate a wide selection of the most in-demand commercial software.

"We at Mandrakesoft constantly strive to better accommodate our customer's needs, which means providing software solutions and features that may not have immediate Open Source equivalents. By promoting ISV applications we can deliver a valuable benefit to many members of the Linux community." explained Paul Guillet, Director of Sales at Mandrakesoft.

The ISV software provided with Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official addresses areas such as support for certain Winmodems, emulators for running Windows applications, anti-virus software, games, plus many others. "The range of third-party software included in our retail packs has been carefully selected for the highest level of quality. These applications have also been validated by our Quality Assistance team to assure the customer that software purchased from us will be interoperable with Mandrakelinux." said Paul Guillet.

The majority of commercial software in Mandrakelinux retail packs are full-featured demonstration versions. This enables the customer to evaluate an application without the risk of purchasing a product that doesn't answer his or her specific needs. And since several applications are often included for the same task, a customer can compare competing products to help choose the one that's best suited for him or for her. Complete versions of ISV software (including licenses) may be purchased at Mandrakesoft's online store.

Mandrakeclub members also benefit from improved relations with ISVs since RPM packages of all third-party software can be downloaded from the Mandrakeclub website. Additionally, Mandrakesoft will offer periodic discounts and promotions beginning in May 2004, exclusively for Mandrakeclub members. "We are glad to announce that starting on May 4th, Netraverse's Win4Lin will be available to Mandrakeclub members with a generous 20% discount. We are also planning a similar promotion for Arkeia's Backup solution in June. Our goal is to offer a leading ISV application with special advantageous terms each month as a benefit to Club membership." concludes Paul Guillet.

For a listing of commercial software available in Mandrakelinux 10.0 retail packs, please see the following:

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