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MandrakeSoft & TransGaming Bring Top-Selling PC Game, Electronic Arts' The Sims, to Linux

Monday October 22 2001

This partnership forges foundation for expansion of Windows® games and applications running directly on Linux PCs

Product: Mandrake Linux Gaming Edition, featuring The Sims
Ship Date: November 9, 2001
MSRP: USD $69.99
Description: The Mandrake Linux Gaming Edition bundles one of the world's most popular games with the award winning Linux operating system by MandrakeSoft. Powered by TransGaming Technologies' innovative and unique portability technology layer, WineX, this marks the first time Electronic Arts'® chart-topping 3D-simulation game, The Sims, is available under Linux.

Pasadena, Paris, Toronto - October 22, 2001 - MandrakeSoft (mandriva.com), publisher of the premier, user-friendly Mandrake Linux operating system, and TransGaming Technologies, developers of software portability solutions that seamlessly allow cutting edge games to operate on the Linux platform, announce the release of the Mandrake Linux Gaming Edition. Designed specifically for gamers, this release bundles Mandrake Linux 8.1 Standard Edition, the newest version of the award winning Mandrake Linux operating system, with Electronic Arts' The Sims, the wildly popular virtual simulation game that allows players to create a neighborhood of simulated people known as "Sims" and control their lives.

The TransGaming portability technology incorporated with the Mandrake Linux Gaming Edition enables Linux players of The Sims to fully interact with the Windows based Sims world. For example, players will be able to seamlessly download Sims household furnishings, clothes and accessories from the same sites as their Windows counterparts, and then post their story lines on hundreds of existing fan sites. While the Sims is bundled with the Mandrake Linux Gaming Edition, TransGaming's portability technology and subscription services also allow users to play many other popular Windows games, some of which are listed but not included in the package.

The Windows version of The Sims skyrockted to the top of the charts when it was released in February 2000 and has become a universal gaming and cultural phenomenon. It was the best selling PC game in North America of 2000 and has maintained the number 1 position in 2001 according to NPD INTELECT. Translated into 13 languages, The Sims has sold over four million units worldwide. This MandrakeSoft release marks the first time ever that the popular game will be available on the Linux desktop. It also marks the debut of a partnership between MandrakeSoft, the retail sales leader for the US Linux market, and TransGaming Technologies, a relationship targeted to bringing Linux further into the PC desktop mainstream.

"Games have always been crucial in popularizing operating systems," notes Frederic Bastok, co-founder of MandrakeSoft. "Partnerships between leading companies such as MandrakeSoft, TransGaming, and Electronic Arts will make the Linux PC desktop a much more attractive option for those considering a switch. We also share the excitement of those who already use Linux, as they can now fully enjoy game on their desktop. This is just the beginning. Powered by TransGaming's WineX portability technology, we expect to see a succession of key applications within and beyond the gaming market coming to the PC Linux desktop. We hope that 'dual-boot' users who have straddled the Linux and Windows worlds will now see that they can plant both feet firmly on Linux ground."

Over the next 3 years, IDC expects Linux shipments to grow at a rate of 28% overall. Companies in the Linux community recognize that expanding key application segments such as gaming is critical to continued success and the mainstream adoption of Linux as the operating platform of choice.

"TransGaming's WineX portability layer is innovative and 'breakthrough' technology, since it allows applications originally designed for Windows to run on Linux without the need for an expensive and time-consuming overhaul of the source code," explains Vikas Gupta, President & Chief Operating Officer of TransGaming Technologies. "We are the only company in the world, to the best of our knowledge, that can do what we do. What other companies can accomplish in two years, TransGaming can achieve in two months. Our portability technology, pioneered by TransGaming's founder, Gavriel State in collaboration with the Wine community, allows games and business software applications that were originally designed for other platforms to function on Linux in a completely seamless and transparent manner. We believe this to be a tremendous milestone in the evolution of the open source initiative."

All this is possible thanks to the TransGaming Technologies' WineX portability technology, based on Wine, which is making its commercial debut in this MandrakeSoft release. TransGaming is actively developing improvements to the Wine project to achieve full compatibility with the Microsoft® DirectX® APIs without sacrificing any performance. Wine is an implementation of the Microsoft® Win32® APIs on top of UNIX and X-Windows; in essence, it is a Windows® compatibility layer. Wine is an Open Source project, and has a web site of its own at www.winehq.com. It does not require Microsoft Windows to be installed.


MandrakeSoft provides a trusted interface between users of information technology and open source developers. The company offers customers in the small office, home office (SoHo), small and medium size enterprise, government and educational sectors a set of GNU Linux and Open-Source software and related services, and user-friendly and highly competitive information technologies at a very attractive total cost of ownership. In addition, MandrakeSoft offers technologists committed to open software and courseware a trusted channel to offer their services.

The company has technologists in over 20 countries, and entered Paris Euronext on July 30th, 2001 (Euroclear code: 4477.PA; Reuters code: MAKE.PA). Awards for the Mandrake Linux solution include:
Linux Magazine "Editor's Choice" Award in September 2001 & 2000
CNET editors' choice award in June 2001
Chip Magazine "Best Technique and Winner of the Test" in December 2000
"Best Product of the Year" and "Best Linux Distribution/Server" at LinuxWorld Expo 99
PC Answers Platinum Award in April 2000

"Born on the Internet" in late 1998, MandrakeSoft established headquarters in the U.S.A., Montreal, England, Germany and France. Please visit the Web site https://mandriva.com for more information.


TransGaming Technologies develops unique software portability solutions that seamlessly allow high demand games to operate on the Linux platform. Coupled with additional products and services that cater to both the avid gamer and the casual to sophisticated Linux user, TransGaming's objective is to deliver the highest-quality, highest-demand gaming titles to the Linux community. The company was founded in 2000 and has offices in Ottawa and Toronto, Canada. See www.transgaming.com for more information.