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Mandriva confirms its enterprise strategy with Pulse

Thursday May 04 2006:

Enterprises and public sector organizations can benefit from the best of Linux thanks to the most internationalized open source publisher.

Paris, May 4th 2006 – Mandriva, the leading European Linux distributor, launches Pulse, the first open source (GPL) deployment software. Pulse is designed for any organization that wants to migrate their large and heterogeneous computing environment to Linux while taking full advantage of open source's flexibility.

Mandriva to participate in ENERGy, a €12 million project aimed at creating a management tool for groups of systems with a “veille” of distributed security

Thursday April 06 2006:

Paris, April 6th - Mandriva, the publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux operating system, with the support of the French Department of Commerce and Finance, today announced its participation in the ENERGy project with a subsidy of €287,000. This two-year ITEA (a European research and development program) project will contribute to the improvement of existing and emerging technologies to cope with the requirements of network management automation. The other partners in the project are Actimage (Luxembourg), Bull (France), ERCOM (France), Thales Communications (France), EADS Defence and Security Systems (France), EVIDIAN (France), DYCEC (Spain), Robotiker (Spain), ESI (Spain) and Telefonica I+D (Spain).

Interview of François Bancilhon, CEO of Mandriva

Thursday March 16 2006:

Many news have been circulating over the web concerning Gael Duval's departure from Mandriva. Users and community members are concerned by the lay off of a key founder and would like to understand what happened and what is the impact. So let us start with the Gael situation: did you fire Gael?

Let us now turn to the company strategy: is Gael's departure a sign of a shift in strategy?

So help up clarify it: who are the target customers of Mandriva?

Is Mandriva going away from providing a free version of its products?

Mandriva pioneers new Linux distribution systems

Thursday March 16 2006:

Paris, March 16th - Mandriva, the publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux operating system, presents a new way for individual users and Mandriva Club members to use Mandriva Linux. Today, Mandriva introduces Mandriva One, a combined live and install CD based on Mandriva Linux 2006. In a few weeks, Mandriva will open the first version of Mandriva Kiosk, a one-click Web-based software installation service, to Club members.

Mandriva 2006 to be the first Linux Desktop to offer built-in online music service feature through Mindawn

Thursday February 23 2006:

Paris, February 23rd - Mandriva, the publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux operating system, and The Kompany, the creator of Mindawn, a Linux-friendly online music and video service, today announced their partnership to provide customers with built-in software to take advantage of legitimate digital content using Mandriva Linux 2006. Thanks to the collaboration between the two companies, Mandriva Linux 2006 users can access high quality music and video files at http://www.mindawn.com .

Mandriva to participate in NEPOMUK, a €17 million project aimed at creating a Social Semantic Desktop

Thursday February 16 2006:

Paris, February 16th - Mandriva, the publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux operating system, today announced that its EDGE-IT subsidiary has won a seat in the NEPOMUK Social Semantic Desktop project, funded under the European Union's Sixth Framework Programme. The total project budget is €17 million, of which €1.8 million are reserved to EDGE-IT. Funding from the EU represents 50% of the budget. Major partners of the project includes DFKI, SAP, Thales, and IBM (full list available online, see project website below).

Mandriva to support IBM's initiative to offer free dataserver

Tuesday January 31 2006:

Paris, Tuesday 31st, Mandriva, the publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux operating system, today announced its support for IBM's move to allow the open source industry and community to freely access a new version of its industry leading enterprise dataserver, DB2. Mandriva considers IBM as one of the key builders of the momentum enjoyed by the open source development and distribution model. Mandriva will leverage the free version of DB2 -- Universal Database Express-C (DB2 Express-C) -- to allow enterprises to develop applications based on IBM's renowned dataserver technology.

Mandriva and Audaxis Join Forces to Offer Open Source ERP & CRM Solutions

Tuesday January 31 2006:

Paris, January 31st, 2006 - Mandriva, the publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux operating system, and Audaxis, provider of ERP implementation and business consulting services, today announced their partnership to offer to small and medium businesses open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) & CRM solutions based on Compiere, a leading open source ERP & CRM application.

Mandriva and HP launch new computers pre-loaded with Mandriva Linux 2006 in 37 Countries in Latin America

Wednesday January 18 2006:

Mandriva selected by HP as "Preferred Linux Partner for Latin America;" Mandriva Linux 2006 optimized and certified for HP machines

January 18th - Mandriva, publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux operating system, today announced a new partnership with HP to distribute HP computers pre-loaded with Mandriva Linux 2006 to 37 countries in Latin America.
As part of the agreement, Mandriva has been named the "Preferred Linux Partner for Latin America" and Mandriva Linux 2006 has been optimized and certified for HP machines. The companies will work together on sales, support and marketing in all Latin American territories, including Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

Mandriva Appoints David Barth Worldwide VP Engineering ()

Monday January 09 2006:

Former CTO of leading open source system integrator to spearhead Mandriva's worldwide technology strategy.

January 9th 2006 - Mandriva today announced the appointment of David Barth as Worldwide VP Engineering. David will oversee Mandriva's effort to bring to market the innovations and infrastructure applications that enterprises expect.

David Barth

Prior to joining Mandriva, David was CTO at IdealX, a leading European system integrator specializing in customized solutions for large corporations and government agencies. David has spent the last five years driving large-scale open source projects for enterprise and public sector customers. He brings to Mandriva more than 10 years of experience in Linux and open source software development and deployment. His key achievements include working extensively with the Samba community to convince more enterprises to move to open source and contribute developer time to the improvment of the software.