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Press release

*   MandrakeSoft and Ayrtek team up to offer powerful and comprehensive Linux Business solutions to enterprise users 2001-06-25

London, Paris, 25th June 2001 - In an important move to deliver comprehensive and powerful Linux business solutions to the enterprise market and following IBM Server Proven certification of the award-winning Mandrake Linux distribution and Ayrtek eBoxit software on its xSeries Intel server range, MandrakeSoft today announced its partnership with Ayrtek, a leading e-business solutions provider, to market a range of fully integrated business applications with an internet architecture built over Linux.

This partnership, first under the newly launched MandrakeSoft Linux applications programme, is designed to deliver Linux business solutions ideal for the SoHo and SME markets. The programme brings together the application vendors, hardware suppliers and distribution channels into a focused group providing business solutions.

"This programme and in particular eboxIT Office represents a crucial step in MandrakeSoft's drive to grow Linux server market share in the small and medium sized enterprise sector" explains Barry Cochrane, EMEA sales and services director at MandrakeSoft. "In less than two years, we have become a recognised leader in the Linux desktop market, both in Europe and in the US. Partnership with key players such as IBM and Ayrtek will provide a powerful expansion in the SME server market, where Linux offers a highly attractive alternative to costly proprietary environments."

Cochrane further added, "In the competitive world of network management and virtual web hosting, Linux has played a major role. However many solutions are hardware specific and the demand is now for hardwareindependent solutions. eboxIT Network Manager provides all the functionality, security and power, with the ability to choose the best hardware package".

The eBoxit 'Office in a Box' suite of solutions is an auto-install single-disc full of solutions comprising business applications, Mandrake Linux 8.0 distribution and, initially, IBM XSeries servers. eBoxit is available in two versions: the complete eBoxit Office Server, which provides the ideal solutions for SMEs that desire a suite of office applications to allow secure network access and firewall with the ability to manage customer details and contacts and schedules in a package that requires no IT technical skills and eBoxit Network Manager, a highly effective solution for the network management and virtual web hosting markets.

"In response to the fast-growing Linux server market, Ayrtek welcomes the opportunity of partnering with MandrakeSoft to offer Linux server-appliance solutions" says David Irvine, CEO at Ayrtek. "Our aim with eboxIT has been to provide an easy to install and maintain system that requires no IT skills. A system that meets all the needs of the SME or Web Hosting clients and is cost effective".

Ayrtek products have been integrated into the Mandrake Linux 8.0 ProSuite edition and will be sold through the Mandrake and Ayrtek web sites and their reseller network commencing July 2001. The solution will also be offered through MandrakeSoft's Partner Channels IBM.


The eBoxit Network Manager has been created to offer the ultimate Internet connection and network administration tool. With security that is second to none, simple automated installation and complete management of all users it is the perfect solution for businesses reaching out to the Internet.

The main features of the eBoxit Network Manager are:

  • Email Manager
    • Secure send and receipt of email
    • Allow others to see mail (using authentification)
    • Personal mail and company-wide signatures
    • Mail sorted by different categories: date received, subject, from,
    • to, etc
    • Allows multiple accounts including pop and news
    • Mailbox filters
  • Agenda Manager
  • Create, view and edit appointments
  • Day view, week view or month view
  • Meeting maker find next available free time for self or group
  • Meeting scheduler send email to invited guests whether system users or not
  • Meeting confirmation allows attendees to confirm appointments
  • Allows creation of recurring appointments
  • Allows for printing of daily, weekly or monthly schedule
  • Create private appointments
  • View photographs of contacts


eBoxit Office provides the modern SoHo/SME Office with the ability to manage customers and contacts as well as email and documents with Internet trading (e-commerce/e-business) as well as having secure Internet access.

As well as the characteristics comprised in the eBoxit Network Manager, the eBoxit Office Server includes numerous features such as:

  • Customer Relationship Manager
    • Add, view, edit companies, contact and link to companies
    • Track company email, documents, tasks, meeting, phone calls, shop
    • orders, tenders, etc on multiple or single screens
    • Private contacts / companies
    • Import / export filter for client lists, sales figures etc
    • Allows for uploading and downloading of documents
    • Word / email merge
    • Customisable search on client types, industry types, revenue etc
    • Contact / company groups for mass mailing campaigns
    • Ability to click a checkbox and enable a contact to log in
    • Revenue fields etc, to be configurable read only, write or invisible
    • Integration with scheduler for use of meeting maker facility
    • Automatic collection from other company contact such as web site visits, etc.

  • Knowledge Management
    • Add, view, edit company-wide news articles, FAQ's, and links to client's web sites
    • Add, view, edit company and contact based documentation
    • Add revision control and history to ALL documentation
    • Allow procedures etc. to be viewed by groups and edited by others
    • Automatically post news, FAQ and links to company web sites (different news to different sites)
    • On-line help desk (can be made available to clients on a restricted basis)
    • Allow 'in the field staff' access to technical literature from any Web interface (field-based engineering)
    • Download contracts, sales documents etc to client's office

  • Human Resource Manager
    • Track employee leave and absence
    • Fulfil and confirm employee training plans
    • Timesheet module for the largest time-based projects
    • Project manager module to ensure the job is done 'on time and within budget'
    • Service time can be offered and scheduled in real time (linked to communications manager)
    • Evaluate employee productivity and salary reviews
    • Employee task manager included

  • Internet Trade Manager
    • Track company sales and stock
    • Allow clients different discounts on different products lines
    • Allow in house sales teams to follow up on marketing drives and complete orders in real time
    • Track and monitor all deliveries and receipts of goods
    • Link to CRM for a complete customer tracking system
    • Showcase products to clients and take orders remotely
    • Coupled with the knowledge manager - instant access to contracts etc made available for online signing or hard copy
    • Trade on-line (if required) - immediately

    MandrakeSoft will be presenting their new eBoxit Business Solutions together with the Mandrake Linux 8.0 version at the London Linux Show, on Booth 120.

    About MandrakeSoft

    MandrakeSoft provides a trusted interface between users of information technology and open source developers. The company offers customers in the small office, home office (SoHo), small and medium size enterprise, government and educational sectors a set of GNU Linux and Open-Source software and related services, user-friendly and highly competitive information technologies at a very attractive total cost of ownership.

    The Linux-Mandrake distribution, which became the leader in US retail sales last year (PC Data), received the awards for "Best Product of the Year" and "Best Linux-Distribution/Server" at LinuxWorld Expo 99, as well as the PC Answers Platinum Award in April 2000, the Linux Magazine Editor's Choice Award in September 2000 and the Chip Magazine "Best Technique and Winner of the Test" in December 2000.

    On the basis of its solid partnerships and leading-edge expertise, MandrakeSoft can offer total, integrated technical solutions, along with training and services. This has helped establish MandrakeSoft among the leading players in providing Linux based B2B solutions for e-business.

    Please visit the Web site, for more information.

    About Ayrtek

    Ayrtek is a Scottish based specialist software development company which has produced a range of Open Source administration and Web based business applications.

    Ayrtek are one of the very few Linux Application Development Companies to receive the prestigious IBM Server Proven accreditation.

    At Ayrtek the emphasis is on Linux-based fully integrated Business Applications. The company therefore pioneers development solutions and at the same time creates products that are inherently secure and reliable.

    For more information:

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