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Press release

*   Mandrakesoft Unveils 'Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community' 2004-03-04

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Altadena, CA; Paris, France; March 4th, 2004 - Mandrakesoft is proud to announce that its new flagship operating system 'Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community' has been released. 10.0 Community is the first major Linux distribution to take advantage of the new Linux kernel 2.6 while providing one of the most easy to use and attractive Linux operating systems ever.

Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community is now available as a DVD from (Price: 54 EUR/59.90 USD), and also as a download for Mandrakeclub members & contributors. 'Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official' is scheduled to be released in May 2004. 10.0 Official will be used in retail packs tailored for individuals and small businesses, as well as for specialized corporate solutions.

In accordance with Mandrakesoft's new development roadmap, Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community is the ideal product for Linux users who demand the 'latest and greatest' features at the soonest opportunity.

Greater performance and scalability

Mandrakelinux 10.0 provides the new Linux 2.6 kernel as the default kernel for greatly enhanced performance and scalability. For those deploying Mandrake 10.0 as servers, the new Linux kernel increases the number of unique users and groups from 65,000 to over 4 billion, with 1 billion concurrent processes on a single system. Server deployments also benefit from interoperability with MS-Windows« systems thanks to enhanced support of Windows' Logical Disk Manager and new NTFS support.

The desktop user's experience is greatly enhanced with notable improvements in ease of use and reliability, plus impressive system responsiveness gains. Additional benefits include hyperthreading capabilities, major I/O performance improvements under various workloads, better support of and multimedia devices, as well as greater support for laptops with software support for 'suspend to disk' functionality.

Additionally, Mandrakelinux 10.0 includes the Native POSIX Threads Library (NPTL) for maximum threading performance.

Making Linux easier for all

In line with Mandrakesoft's traditional commitment to making Linux easier for all computer users, Mandrakelinux 10.0 provides a powerful and modern desktop and server operating system:

- Server capabilities have been enhanced with the integration of Linux kernel 2.6, Samba 3.0, MySQL 4.0.18, PostqreSQL 7.4.1, Apache2, extended hardware support, and a new Mandrakeonline update service.

- The desktop experience has been enhanced with numerous improvements including a new Mandrakegalaxy 2 desktop theme, new menu organization, and a new Mandrakelinux Control Center to make this release even more friendly and easy to use than ever. Additionally, 'Magicdev' has been added -- Magicdev provides dynamic CD support for launching appropriate applications when a CD or DVD is inserted into a drive.

Mandrakelinux 10.0 provides KDE 3.2 and GNOME 2.4 as default desktop environments, plus an impressive variety of Office applications such as the famous 1.1 office suite, which is compatible with Microsoft« Office« documents.

"Mandrakelinux 10.0 marks the beginning of a re-energized drive by Mandrakesoft to achieve worldwide Linux adoption. We believe that Mandrakelinux 10.0 will be seen as the perfect example of a Linux product that individuals and corporations need to migrate away from proprietary operating systems", declared Franšois Bancilhon, CEO of Mandrakesoft.


Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community is available:

- Immediately as a download for Mandrakeclub Members and contributors. Additionally, ISO images which contain commercial applications such as Acrobat« Reader«, Real PlayerTM, NVIDIA« Drivers and others, are available for "Silver" and above Club members. Join Mandrakeclub to download Mandrakelinux 10.0 today:

- Immediately as a DVD set which includes commercial applications such as Acrobat« Reader«, Real PlayerTM, NVIDIA« Drivers and more. The 10.0 Community DVD set can be pre-ordered now exclusively from MandrakeStore:

- Following the initial release, a download edition of Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community will be made available on a number of public FTP mirrors

Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official

Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official will be available in May, as part of the complete range of Mandrakelinux 10.0 Official retail packs which include support, printed documentation and new Mandrakesoft services and tools. Official retail packs include:

  • Discovery, a desktop solution for Linux newcomers
  • PowerPack, a multi-purpose product for power users
  • PowerPack+, a desktop and server solution for small to medium-sized businesses

Thereafter, a new desktop product for corporates will be introduced, as well as a new edition of the Corporate Server.

More details about these products plus ordering information will be released later.

The Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community list of features is available at:

Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community DVD:

Press contact:
GaŰl Duval (press at mandrakesoft dot com)

About Mandrakesoft

Mandrakesoft is the publisher of the popular Mandrake Linux operating system, one of the most full-featured and easy to use Linux systems available. The company offers its enterprise, government and educational customers a complete range of GNU/Linux and Open Source software and related services. Mandrakesoft products are available in more than 120 countries through dedicated channels and also from Mandrake, the company's online store. Number 1 in several countries, Mandrakesoft has been awarded many times for quality and the technical innovation of its products. "Born on the Internet" in late 1998, Mandrakesoft has established headquarters in the U.S.A. and in France. Mandrakesoft is traded on Paris Euronext Marche Libre (Euroclear code: 4477.PA; Reuters code: MAKE.PA) and the US OTC market (stock symbol MDKFF).

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