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Press release

*   Important statement about Mandrakestore payments (updated May, 17th) 2004-05-15

Updated May, 17th Some of our customers who paid by credit card during the month of May have recently encountered problems. We realized the problem before the week end and have done our best to fix it. We identified that the problem was not with our system but with our payment platform provider, Natexis.

This morning, Monday May 17, Natexis informed us that they had identified the problem. A software bug on their side caused the amount to be debited to be multiplied by 100 (by interpreting cents as dollars). Over the month of May, 261 Mandrakesoft customers were affected. Natexis confirms that the problem has been fixed and that the platform is now functioning correctly, so we have reopened our standard payment platform.

Natexis is notifying the banks today. So, if you were affected by this problem, your bank will be informed today of the problem and it will be fixed.

Mandrakesoft deeply apologizes to its customers for this problem.

We will contact all the affected customers individually.

François Bancilhon

CEO, Mandrakesoft

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