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Press release

*   The 4th Edition of the Definitive Guide is now available! 2004-05-18

This new release has been thoroughly updated and expanded to cover the recently released Mandrakelinux 10.0.

"The Definitive Guide to Using Mandrakelinux" contains everything needed to install, understand, and use the popular Mandrakelinux distribution.

Perfect for computer users who are new to Linux, as well as for experts who need quality reference documentation, this new edition of "The Definitive Guide to Using Mandrake Linux" is available now for pre-order at

Covered topics include:

  • Installing Mandrakelinux 10.0
  • Migrating to Linux from Windows/Mac
  • Discovering the environement
  • Using the Internet
  • Using Linux Office
  • Using Multimedia
  • Advanced configuration and administration
  • Package management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Discovering Linux in-depth
  • Configuring and installing a new Linux kernel
  • And much more!

The complete table of contents for this 550-page guide is available online at: (110K)

"The Definitive guide to Using Mandrakelinux" for 10.0 is available exclusively from MandrakeStore for only $44.9 USD / 39.90 EUR. Pre-order now:

Written by the folks from the Mandrakesoft documentation team, the "Definitive Guide to Using Mandrakelinux" is sure to become an essential resource for every Linux user!

MandrakeClub members receive an immediate 20% discount (25% for Silver Members and above!) off the current list price of the manual!

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